Syria updates as “A New Trio: US, Russia and Iran” emeges…

Russia offers troops for Syria plan

Moscow is ready to send troops to help in the proposed operation to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says.
Kerry: ?Eşgüdüm içinde olalım?
Assad survives

It was already looking likely that President Bashar al-Assad?s regime would survive
Interview with Abbas Vali on Syria, Kurds and Turkey

“I think government?s wrong approach and calculation towards developments in Syria and Rojava have shaped its current attitude towards the peace process with the PKK. The Turkish government is stalling; they don?t want the peace process although they fear to admit it.”
Turkish President Abdullah Gül: Assad must go

In an interview in New York on Sunday with The Post?s Lally Weymouth, Turkish President Abdullah Gül said that he does not see the U.S.-Russia framework agreement as a solution to the Syria crisis and that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must go. Excerpts:

A New Trio: US, Russia and Iran

You must know Dinah Washington?s most famous song ?what a difference a day makes?
Opposition to intervention in Syria utilitarian, not ideological

Whether or not a movement is primarily violent or nonviolent, what is important is whether it employs strategies and tactics that can maximize its chances of success. A reply to Nader Hashemi.

Not realistic to talk Syria without Iran: Turkish President

Turkish President Abdullah Gül has said it would be ?unrealistic? to have any discussion on the Syrian war without the inclusion of Iran

Turkey air force honors crew who downed Syrian chopper

Turkey’s air force on Sunday paid tribute to the crew who shot down a Syrian military helicopter which it said had violated Turkish airspace.

Future business in Syria not predictable, says head of a Turkish business group

Any investment cannot be planned for Syria at the moment, whereas Turkish investors in Egypt have encountered hardly any problems during the revolution and coup, the head of a Turkish business group has said

US, Iran inch toward a thaw over Syria

A country standing on the brink of a highly risky foreign military intervention amid an ongoing civil war

Turkey?s Syria policy problem

Syria is officially now Turkey?s number one foreign policy problem, as stated by Turkish President Abdullah Gül

Turkey says will not ‘tolerate’ Syria-linked radicals

ANKARA (AFP) – Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul said his country will not “tolerate” al-Qaeda-type groups emerging in the Syrian conflict following fighting between rebels and jihadists last week.”We will not allow any formation beyond our borders that would threaten Turkey and the entire region,” Gul was quoted as saying by the Milliyet newspaper on Sunday. “We can never tolerate this.”The

US ‘blackmailing’ Russia over Syria resolution: Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Sunday accused the United States of blackmailing Russia over a tough UN resolution against Syria

Syrian opposition ?willing? to attend Geneva conference

Syrian opposition voices desire to be involved with the Geneva talks provided the conference aims at the ?establishment of a transitional government?
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