Cyberculture roundup: “Most Influential Emotions On Social Networks Revealed…”Iran Unblocks Twitter and Facebook


Most Influential Emotions On Social Networks Revealed

Anger spreads faster and more broadly than joy, say computer scientists who have analysed sentiment on the Chinese Twitter-like service Weibo


Internet Freedom and Political Space

The Internet has become a new battleground between governments that censor online content and those who advocate freedom to browse, post, and share information online. What are the implications of Internet freedom for state-society relations in nondemocratic regimes?

TorrentReactor: Ten Years of Serving TorrentsIn file-sharing terms a decade is an awful long time and with the world?s entertainment companies baying for blood, reaching a tenth birthday is a major achievement for any torrent site.

Nevertheless, in recent times two of the world?s largest torrent sites, isoHunt and The Pirate Bay, both celebrated that special birthday. Both bear the scars of battle but remain defiant, at least for now, but there are others who achieve longevity with far fewer war wounds.

At What Point Will The Next Generation Kill The Copyright Monopoly Altogether?Before the Internet, and in particular before thecompact cassette, the copyright monopoly was something that only concerned hotshot lawyers at the biggest possible publishing houses.

Before the ordinary person had the ability to record anything, the barrier to entry to disseminate culture and knowledge was too high for everybody and their brother to contribute to culture.


What Would a Real Cyberwar Look Like?

Talk of combat in the fifth domain has become a fixture in Washington. But let’s not use that as an excuse to quash a free Internet, says a war studies academic.

The World Wide Web Should Actually Be Worldwide

Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King dreamed of an America that would one day deliver on its promise of equality for all of its citizens, black as well as white. Today, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has a dream, too: he wants to provide Internet access to the world?s 5 billion people who do not now have it.

Cell Internet Use 2013

57% of American adults use their cell phone to go online. 21% of cell phone owners say they mostly access the internet using their phone.

Box helps users get more out of their content with new Preview, mobile app, Notes, and platform play

Box co-founder and CEO Aaron Levie took the stage at the company?s third-annual customer conference to talk about its next step in helping its users move further into the cloud. During his three-hour address, the eccentric and often-times comedic 30-year-old, announced four product updates designed to help its users better adopt the cloud and simply become more productive no matter where they are.

Iran Unblocks Twitter and Facebook


For the first time since the “green revolution” that followed the 2009 elections in Iran, citizens of the country can access Twitter and Facebook.
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