EFD Rights Watch: Nolle Prosequi in Alabora Tweet Case…”Amnesty International calls for the suspension of tear gas shipments to Turkey…

Nolle Prosequi in Alabora Tweet Case

Prosecutors discontinued charges in Memet Ali Alabora case, saying that ?the aforementioned tweet did not commit the crime of encouraging a crime?. ?The point is not Gezi Park, friend. Didn?t you get it yet? Come join us,? Alabora tweeted on May 30.

Amnesty International calls for the suspension of tear gas shipments to Turkey

Amnesty International has called on countries providing Turkish police with anti-riot equipments, including tear gas and armored vehicles to suspend all shipments

RSF: Police Failed to Take Lessons From Gezi Resistance

Reporters Sand Frontiers released a statement, saying that recent protests across Turkey left at least 12 journalists injured in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara.

Protester?s father has right to know why son fell: Turkish interior minister

The father of Ahmet Atakan, a 22-year-old protester killed Sept. 10 during protests in Hatay


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Turkish PM accuses main opposition of being behind the Gezi protests

Erdoğan also denounces CHP for still being supportive of the military coup. ‘We have been unsuccessful in changing the mentality of the main opposition’ he said

Protesters gather to denounce demonstrator?s death for the third day in Istanbul

Police once again resorted to tear gas and water cannons against protesters denouncing the death of a demonstrator in Antakya for a third day on Sept. 12

Record companies to boycott Alevi broadcaster over support of cemevi-mosque complex project

Record companies owned by Alevis will boycott of the Cem Foundation’s media outlets over their support of a project to build a cemevi and a mosque complex

Main opposition deputies visit families of Uludere victims

A group of main opposition Republican People?s Party (CHP) deputies met with the families of the Uludere massacre victims in Şırnak

Hrant Dink murder case has regressed, lawyer says ahead of retrial

‘We are currently much further behind of the starting point of the trial,’ Fethiye Çetin said

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