A scene of how police a protester detained in Kadıköy.. Videos, Images…

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Hell yeah! via @onudemekistedim

Police detaining a protester in Kadıköy, 10 September 2013

Kadıköy Caferağa Barlar Sokağı Polis Saldırısı

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I guess the angle to throw a pepper gas capsule is problematic here…

This is from İzmir:

Fireworks at work:

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The photo-Journalist and the police via @kemal_aslan (I heard that that journalist is Ahmet Şık)

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Asmalımescit, Taksim. Anti-police chanting…

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This is from Eskişehir

via @hasanmuratersan


Tuzluçayır, Ankara– 8-9 September 2013

Taksim, Istiklal Street

A pepper gas canister

Courage is contagious:

Some watches the game, the others protest:



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