” “three strikes” programs don’t reduce piracy..The NSA and Your Mobile Phone…

Scholar shows “three strikes” programs don’t reduce piracy

Evaluating Graduated Response, a new paper from Rebecca Giblin from the law school at Australia’s Monash University looks at the impact of “three strikes” and “graduated response” punishments for file-sharing. Countries including France, New Zealand, Taiwan, South Korea, the U.K., Ireland and the U.S. have adopted systems whereby people accused of file-sharing have their Internet access curtailed. This takes many forms, from losing access to YouTube and Facebook until subscribers complete a “copyright training course” designed by the entertainment industry to out-and-out disconnection from the Internet.

A Facebook ban in Iran isn?t stopping government ministers from using the social network

Facebook has been banned in Iran since the country?s 2009 election. However, the entire Cabinet has now opened Facebook pages which can be viewed by a proxy server, theAssociated Press reports, hinting that the government could possibly lift some Internet barriers soon.

The NSA and Your Mobile Phone

It?s the era of spying, monitoring, and of course, whistleblowers. We?ve had so many news items on governments making sure that they know what?s going on ? hence the monitoring of practically all kinds of communication. We?ve also had quite a few high profile cases wherein people in the know have come public.


Hackers pledge to attack Israeli websites on September 11


“You have not stopped your endless human rights violations,” theAnonymous-affiliated organizers said in a post addressed to Israel’s government at the time. “You have not stopped illegal settlements. You have not respected the cease-fire [ending …

Hackers leak data in preparation for Sept. 11 cyber attack

Cyber attack on Israel planned for Wednesday to mark 9/11


Keylogger service provides peek inside Nigerian 419 scammers’ tactics

Security researcher Brian Krebs has had a look at the contents of “BestRecovery” (now called “PrivateRecovery”) a service used by Nigerian 419 scammers to store the keystrokes of victims who have been infected with keyloggers. It appears that many of the scammers — known locally as “Yahoo Boys” — also plant keyloggers on each other, and Krebs has been able to get a look at the internal workings of these con artists. He’s assembled a slideshowof the scammers’ Facebook profiles and other information.

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