Obama To Launch PR Blitz for Seeking Approval for Syria Strike…the regional refugee crisis… Syria updates..

Morning Brief: Seeking Approval for Syria Strike, Obama To Launch PR Blitz

Seeking Approval for Syria Strike, Obama To Launch PR Blitz

Top News: With Congress back in Washington, the Obama administration will launch an all-out lobbying blitz this week to secure congressional support for a military intervention in Syria, a proposal that has at best tepid support on the Hill and currently lacks the votes to gain approval.

US plans for 3 days of attacks on Syria: Report

The Pentagon is readying more intense and longer attacks on Syria than originally planned, set to last three days, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.

Hague: US and UK ‘aligned’ on Syria

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague will discuss the Syria crisis with US Secretary of State John Kerry in London
American Cold War foreign policy and the Egyptian military

US support for the Egyptian military is inhibiting the development of an Egyptian national, progressive bourgeoisie able to form the backbone of a genuinely democratic system.

The logic of American support for the Egyptian military and its muted response to the massacres that took place in Cairo on August 14 seems clear enough. It is based on two intertwined arguments. First, the Egyptian military is a staunch American ally, and as the ruling institution in Egypt, its support is necessary for the maintenance of ?stability? in the region. Secondly, the conviction that American aid and political support to Egypt are necessary for the preservation of the peace treaty with Israel.

Syria: waiting for the Tomahawk

As the world holds its collective breath in anticipation of western military intervention, the children of Zamalka have already lost everything and the prospect of an international response means nothing to them.

Blitzkrieg on Syria: buying time for Israel?


The expected US air attack on Syria appears to address the increased Israeli need for more security in a changed Muslim-Arab neighbourhood. But once it is there militarily, the US will not be able to withdraw soon, writes Stefan Sorin Mure?an.

Stefan Sorin Mure?an is a business developer and lecturer of economic diplomacy at the University of Applied Science Würzburg. He has parliamentary and diplomatic backgrounds.

The initially loud drums of a war on Syria have paused. Last week the British Parliament blocked the UK government´s attempt to follow the US Administration in attacking Syria. Later, the US Administration also backed down from the proposed ?Blitzkrieg? and authorization for an attack was requested from Congress. The Administration expects Congress to authorize strikes. France, initial holder of the mandate over that part of the former Ottoman territory, which became Syria with the Versailles Treaty in 1920, lowered its voice, signalling it would do no more than follow suit with the US. Whatever the cause for first drumming loud and then backing down, this is a loss of face.

Assad: ‘Expect everything’ if US attacks Syria

Sryian President Bashar al-Assad warned Washington Monday to brace for retaliation if US forces attacked his war-torn country, as he denied using chemical weapons against his people.
R2P down but not out of Libya and Syria

The world?s failure to respond effectively to ongoing atrocities in Syria may mean R2P is down, but it?s not out. Even in Syria R2P offers a principled approach to a chemical weapons atrocity in the face of Security Council vetoes, and R2P can rebuild its support in the Security Council.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday that the solution to the Syrian conflict must be political not military
The long road to retaliation: delayed airstrikes in Syria will exacerbate the regional refugee crisis

Rapid, punitive airstrikes two and a half weeks ago, while certainly displacing some Syrians, would have been less likely to lead to larger numbers of refugees.


Alawites escape jihadists in Syria, take shelter in Turkey

Many Syrian Alawites are escaping the violence in Turkey?s neighbor and have come to Istanbul, where they are living in the parks and streets.

Turkey deploys more troops near Syria

Turkey has deployed additional troops on its southeastern border with Syria as the United States considers launching a military offensive against the Arab country.

After escaping Syria’s civil war, one family adjusts to life as refugees

ANTAKYA, Turkey ? On the fourth floor of a rundown building, 20 pairs of shoes lay sprawled outside the apartment of Bassem Khattab, a 39-year-old Syrian refugee. One pair for each family member, he explains, and a few extra pairs shared among the children

Syrian refugees flood into Turkish border towns, straining resources and tempers

ANTAKYA, Turkey ? On a recent sweltering day in a market maze of fragrant spices and ?Hello Kitty? back-to-school supplies, Turks in this southern border town expressed anger over possible United States military strikes against neighboring war-torn Syria.

Syria and September 11

By chance, it appears that the US Congress will decide on or about September 11 whether to endorse President Barack Obama?s proposal to respond militarily to the Syrian government’s use of poison gas against civilians. The shadow of two previous events that took place on September 11 looms over the outcome.


Greek Cyprus rules out role in any US -led strike on Syria

Greek Cyprus said it would have no involvement of any kind in a potential U.S.-led strike on Syria

Kerry: Syrian handover of chemical arms could prevent attack

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry said that Syria could prevent a military attack if President al-Assad handed over all his chemical weapons

End to Syria war must be political not military: Kerry

US Secretary of State Kerry said that the solution to the Syrian conflict must be political not military

Russia warns Syria strikes would cause ‘outburst of terror’

Military strikes on Syria risk causing an “outburst of terrorism” in the region and would spark a new wave of refugees, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said


Kerry: Congress ?still undecided? on Syria

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad warned of unspecified retaliation for any US attack on Sunday as John Kerry, the US secretary of state, stepped up frantic administration efforts to win congressional backing for military action.


US could increase scale of Syria strikes: Official

The scale and purpose of the operation against Syria has not changed in recent weeks, although US forces would adjust as needed, a defense official told AFP.


Kerry defends release of Syria attack videos

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday defended the publication of graphic videos showing victims of an alleged chemical attack by the Syrian regime

Assad denies ordering chemical attack: CBS television

Syrian President Basar al-Assad has denied in an interview with CBS television that he was behind a chemical attack

Baghdad, oil giants on alert against Syria strike

Baghdad and foreign oil companies at work in Iraq?s giant oilfields are adopting extra security measures

Syria rebels seize famed Christian town Maalula

Syrian rebels, including jihadists linked to Al-Qaeda, have taken control of the historic Christian town of Maalula north of Damascus, a watchdog and residents said on Sunday.

A ‘new poetry’ emerges from Syria’s civil war

More literal and visceral, Syrian poetry is being spread on social media and chanted in the streets.

Sectarian identities in Syria: pushed to the brink?

Failure to consider the potency of sectarian identities in Syria may produce the opposite effect intended for a strike, pushing parties further away from negotiations, and closer to the brink.

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