How many were killed in the alleged poison gas attack? The US, French and British intelligence dossiers… Syria updates…

When you read the assessment of the British, French and US intelligence services as to who was responsible for the alleged poison gas attack in Damascus on 21st of August, you quickly see what very thin gruel they are. Indeed the British joint intelligence committee (JIC) produce a single page to justify war, the US intelligence community four, and the French a more acceptable nine pages.

No easy answers to Syria crisis, say refugees

Some Syrians welcome US strikes against Assad’s military, others fear the loss of innocent lives.

The dangers of military intervention in Syria without UNSC authorization

The only way to start a war against another country without UNSC authorization is in self-defense. The President needs to make the case that the Syrian government is an imminent threat to United States? national security. He needs to make that case to the American public and Congress.

The Conflict in Syria and Global Resistance: Why Humanity will Prevail
Center for Research on Globalization
Congo (Zaire), Brazil, Greece, Russia, Ecuador, Poland, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Chile, Angola, East Timor, Nicaragua, Grenada, Panama, Kyrgyzstan, Haiti, Yugoslavia, Georgia, Ukraine, Argentina, Ghana, Venezuela

Anonymous US Official Releases Graphic Video Of Syrian Chemical Weapons 
CBS Local
WASHINGTON (CBS DC/AP) ? As President Obama and other top American officials prepare to make their case for military action against Syria, a U.S. official released a DVD compilation of videos showing victims of the Aug. 21 attack near Damascus.
Anonymous US official releases a DVD showing video of chemical attack victims
Anonymous US Official Releases a DVD Showing Video Of Chemical Attack 

Syria strike ‘illegal’ under UN charter: Iran FM

A potential US-led military strike on Syria would be “illegal” based on the United Nations charter, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javed Zarif said

Turkish army builds new base opposite Syria?s Latakia

The Turkish armed forces have begun to establish a new base on the top of Kel Mountain, adjacent to the Syrian coastal city of Latakia.

Pope, in Syria peace appeal, calls for end to ‘spiral of death’

A sombre-looking Pope Francis made an impassioned appeal to avert a widening of Syria’s conflict urging world leaders to pull humanity out of a ‘spiral of sorrow and death’

US, France say support growing for Syria strikes

The US and France claimed growing international support for military strikes to punish the Syrian regime for an alleged chemical attack, after EU nations called for a “strong response”.
Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif held talks on possible US-led strikes against Syria with Iraqi premier Nuri al-Maliki in Baghdad
Syrian rebels, including jihadists, have taken control of the historic Christian town of Maalula, north of Damascus, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights watchdog and a resident said.

CNN airs videos of Syria sarin gas victims

CNN aired graphic videos of victims that it said were shown to select US lawmakers to shore up support for a strike on Syria

Disturbing Videos Show Effects of Syria’s Alleged Chemical Attack


In an attempt to convince the U.S. Congress to approve a military strike against Syria and the Bashar al-Assad regime for its alleged use of chemical weapons, the Obama administration is showing disturbing videos of the alleged attack’s aftermath to legislators

Zapping Syria: Don’t Do It, Mr. President

By Patricia Lee Sharpe

For years you have been smart enough not to be drawn into the Red Line trap vis-à-visIran, despite Israel?s incessant demands that you draw that line in the sand. And then! You foolishly boxed yourself in, publically drawing a Red Line re Syria and chemical weapons. You put yourself (and the U.S.) in an awkward but not impossible position, Mr. President, especially as the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize, which some observers ridiculed as unearned. There?s still time to earn it.

Syria-related readings

Here are some “readings” about the situation in Syria, the justification (or lack of it) for intervention, and the politics of the decision-making.

They vary widely in style and position (Finton O’Toole’s piece about Seamus Heaney is there because of the way Heaney shows that “uncertainty may simply be the human condition”) and several of them, including O’Toole’s, result from some back-and-forth withJohn Naughton.


Kerry urges France to back Syrian strikes

US battles to rally international support for response to chemical attack in Damascus by saying future security of whole world is at stake

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