Majority of Turks against Syria intervention: Survey… Syria updates…

War in Syria: A Timeline of Key Events Since Chemical Attacks


The conflict in Syria started more than two years ago, but it reached a tipping point on Aug. 21 when President Bashar al-Assad‘s regime allegedly launched a deadly chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus, violating international regulations and inciting worldwide

EU foreign policy chief says evidence points to Syria gov’t being behind chemical attack

EU’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said the all 28 nations of the bloc agreed that available information showed strong evidence that the Syrian government was behind the Aug. 21 chemical attack

Russia and US no closer on Syria

As the G20 summit concludes in St Petersburg, speeches by key leaders lay bare the bitter divisions over military action in Syria.

Is Britain really so against chemical weapons?

Does the West have any moral right to interfere with the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons when they facilitated the manufacture of them?

Nobody knows for certain what might result from bombing Syria. There are certain to be diplomatic penalties to pay with Russia, China and maybe the ?Arab street, seeing western bombs once more falling on Muslims.

Making Sense of the Syrian Rebels’ Order of Battle

Who the Syrian rebels are depends on whom you ask. Experts on the civil war — not justpoliticians like Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian President Vladimir Putin

Japan Dreams of Syria

TOKYO — On Sept. 5, President Barack Obama met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in St. Petersburg. Obama wants Japanese support for his decision to strike the Assad regime, but Abe has only publicly offered comments on how he’s looking forward to further discussing Syria. The foreign policy community here is debating whether Japan should provide support to the United States; to communicate approval; or to merely offer “understanding.”

Waiting for Obama, particularly in Turkey

Well played. This would be the only thing that can be said for the diplomatic game conducted by the U.S. president

Strange bedfellows: Syrian rebels of all stripes welcome at Turkey safe house

ANTAKYA, Turkey ? As the number of refugees fleeing Syria passes the 2 million mark, one man is doing what he can to help those outside the reach of the UN Refugee Agency: rebels traveling in and out of Syria.

Obama says US can’t turn ‘blind eye’ to Syria

Inaction is not an option for the U.S. in Syria after the chemical attack, President Obama said in his weekly address

Syria?s G-Zero Fate

Syria’s agony is the strongest evidence yet of a new ?G-Zero? world order, in which no single power or bloc of powers will accept the costs and risks that accompany global leadership. Even if the US and France strike Damascus, they will not end the conflict in Syria, for three crucial reasons.

Syria crisis: Obama admits uphill battle in Congress after fractious G20 summit

President declines to say whether he would order strike if Congress rejects resolution as reprisal fears factor into decision

Majority of Turks against Syria intervention: Survey

A majority of Turks disapprove of any potential military intervention in Syria, a survey has revealed

4×4 vehicle owners listed by ministry in Turkey

The Prime Minister?s Office has sent a notification to Turkey?s key emergency organizations

Obama fails to persuade G-20 leaders on Syria

Daily Caller

But he hasn’t tried to oppose a U.S. military strike. The statement was signed by two of Syria’s neighbors, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who are already helping rebels factions that are now trying to overthrow the Syrian dictatorship. Tags: al-Qaida

Language Bullies, Obama?s Syria Problem, and RG3

?Are You a Language Bully? Cut it out,? by Matthew J.X. Malady. It?s OK to have a built-up supply of esoteric language knowledge. But?s there?s a difference between the humble, lovable know-it-all and the language bully. The language bully uses her expertise to embarrass or humiliate others. The test, according to Malady, depends on how you answer the following question: Do you annoy and infuriate people at dinner parties and other social gatherings by correcting others on how they use or pronounce certain words? If so, he says, you?re a language bully. Cut it out.

Eleven nations, including Turkey and US, urge ‘strong response’ in Syria: White House

Eleven G-20 states called for a ‘strong international response’ to a chemical weapons attack in Syria they said was clearly carried out by the regime

US approves drawdown of non-emergency personnel who wish to leave Adana

The U.S. State Department ‘approved’ the drawdown of non-emergency personnel who wish to leave the Adana mission, but said not being aware of ‘any specific threats’

Turkish government wants Syrian intervention, though most Turks oppose
Public Radio International PRI
?It was a distinctly neutral position from which we had our leverage,? said Professor Mehmet Ali Tugtan from Istanbul‘s Bilgi University. Tugtan says Turkey was the one-stop shop for problem solving in the Middle East. ?The Israelis were coming to talk


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