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Anthropology Co-Citation Graph

Recently Kieran Healy posted a link on Twitter to a co-citation graph he?d made to try to understand what philosophers ?have been talking about for the last two decades?? He also posted a nice poster he made from this data [PDF]. I reposted these and mentioned that it would be great to have something similar for anthropology. The internet being the wonderful place that it is, I shortly had my wish, courtesy of Jonathan Goodwin.


USCCB staff criticizes ‘flawed anthropology of sexual orientation’

Catholic Culture

The problem with treating ?sexual orientation? as a description of a class of people is that it proposes a deeply flawed anthropology, or understanding of the human person. Christian anthropology teaches that each person is called to accept his or her


Fiction and Anthropology

As a graduate student during the time that the ?Writing Culture? movement was in its heyday, I was drawn to ethnographies such as Lila Abu-Lughod?s Veiled Sentiments: Honor and Poetry in a Bedouin Society. I loved it not only for its poignant analysis of the cultural contexts of Bedouin poetry but also for Abu-Lughod?s fine writing.  Before becoming an anthropologist, I had received a master?s degree in creative writing, and I have always been interested in the ways that anthropology and literature inform one another. In particular, what can anthropologists learn from fiction?


Spoken Language Influenced by Elevation, Say Anthropologists

Popular Archaeology

Recent research, published in the June 12 edition of PLOS ONE, indicates a link between geographical elevation and the way language is spoken. The study, led by Caleb Everett, associate professor of anthropology in the College of Arts and Sciences at


Ethnographic writing: The Studs Terkel model or what?

So, let?s say you?re in the middle of writing up your dissertation.  You?re going through your interviews, making notes, seeing some patterns, and piecing together some of the stories you are going to tell about your fieldwork.  Then you start actually outlining chapters and blocking things out.  You follow with selecting certain segments of interviews you are going to use to illustrate the points you want to highlight.


The Amazon, Through an Anthropologist’s Eye

New York Times (blog)

Nicolas Janowski lives in Buenos Aires, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in South America. But in recent years he has spent as much time as he can traveling around a region that is about as different from his home town as can be imagined ?

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