Social roundup: Turkey’s tolerant Hatay province unease with sectarian tensions due to Syrian conflict…

Syrian conflict brings sectarian tensions to Turkey’s tolerant Hatay province


Erdogan‘s Islamist government accused of exploiting religious divisions in Antakya, long renowned for its ethnic diversity

Nearly a quarter of the 2 million people who have fled the crisis in Syria ? some 460,000 ? have made their way into Turkey, the UN high commission for refugees announcedon Tuesday.


Çarşı and Greenpeace with a huge placard, stan...
Çarşı and Greenpeace with a huge placard, standing against a possible nuclear power plant establishment in Turkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beşiktaş fans establish anti-çArşı supporters? group

A group of Beşiktaş fans has established a rival fan club against the Istanbul?s giant?s legendary çArşı group, naming themselves 1453 Kartal (1453 Eagles)




Turkish education minister says no additional tests in new system

Education Minister Nabi Avcı has assured the public that no new tests will be added to the new middle school entrance examinations

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