Contious warnings about the peace process: “PKK retreat to ?end Sept 1? unless ruling AKP takes steps- Politics roundup

PKK retreat to ?end Sept 1? unless ruling AKP takes steps

A senior PKK leader has said that they will continue to withdraw until Sept. 1

Turkish gov?t urges PKK to keep commitments in peace process

A senior government member has urged the outlawed Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) to fulfill its responsibility and complete the withdrawal process

?State language? article agreed by all except BDP

Turkish as a ?state language? gets tripartite agreement following a Constitution Conciliation Commission debate on the article defining the language of the state, despite alternative BDP proposal

Erdogan’s presidential ambitions

Turkey’s PM faces constitutional and electoral challenges if he wants to become president.

AKP spokesperson Çelik says democracy package needs time

The democracy package is progressing in line with the ?spirit of time? and cannot be rushed, according to the AKP spokesperson Hüseyin Çelik.

Alevis, Bektashis voice concerns in report to President Gül

The Alevi Bektashi Cultural Institute takes recent report up to Turkish President Abdullah Gül

Banking watchdog keeps tight control

Turkey?s banking watchdog prepares to observe the banks in Turkey from the ?inside,? following Erdoğan?s harsh criticisms against very high revenues of the banks from non-banking activities.

Lira plunges despite Central Bank pledge

The Turkish Lira hit a record low on Aug. 27 even as the Central Bank?s governor said his organization had a war chest of up to $40 billion to defend the currency amid turmoil for emerging economies.


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