Anthro post: “Oxford Biocultural Anthropology Bibliography…Igor Kopytoff [1930-2013]

Oxford Biocultural Anthropology Bibliography

Oxford Bibliographies has just published my entry Biocultural Anthropology into their excellent series on Anthropology.

The bibliographies are expert guides to the literature, with introductions to each section of the bibliography as well as short summaries of each citation. Biocultural Anthropologyopens:

Anthropology and Archaeology Resource Network

Have you added your gray literature to the Anthropology and Archaeology Resource Network lately?

These anthropologists added their working paper and have received more than 4,000 abstract views and 1,400 downloads.

Igor Kopytoff [1930-2013]

A number of prominent anthropologists have passed away in recent weeks, perhaps most notably, George W. Stocking [July 13th, aged 85], Keith Basso [Aug. 4th, aged 73] and Igor Kopytoff on August 9th. With his major contribution ?The cultural biography ? Continue reading ?

Igor Kopytoff, 83, Penn anthropologist

Igor Kopytoff, 83, a University of Pennsylvania anthropology professor who traveled the world before settling in Philadelphia to live for most of his life, died Friday, Aug. 9, from complications related to Parkinson’s disease at Hahnemann University


UO anthropologist: Northern natives face climate, economic risks


The invited review ? online in advance of publication in November’s Annual Review of Anthropology ? drew primarily from epidemiological studies of indigenous populations, including eight of Snodgrass’ own papers focusing on Siberia. Two key messages


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