Politics roundup. Erdoğan sort of starts election campaign in Rize… KCK warns about the peace process…

Discursive humility: 

Turkish PM says he doesn?t want to see ?yes men? around

 Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan encouraged intellectuals to warn politicians, including himself

Increasing Conservative agenda: 

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Cover of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Turkish PM promises separate pools for boys and girls during speech

Turkish PM has promised to bring separate Olympic pools for men and women to Rize province

While deputy PM orders newspaper what to write in headlines… 

Hürriyet responds to Deputy PM Bozdağ?s ?front page? criticism over massacre in Syria

Turkish Deputy PM Bozdağ?s harsh criticism against the daily Hürriyet for ?ignoring the massacre in Syria? was responded to by the daily


KCK: Government Must Take A Step Forward

KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency released a statement on the ongoing peace process, saying that Kurdish movement has done for its part but the Turkish government delayed the process by not taking any concrete steps.

Turkey?s political parties divided over ?red lines? in charter

Turkey?s political parties remain defiant as Constitution Concialition Commission?s attempts fail to form a consensus over what to do with the ?irrevocable? articles of the current Turkish Constitution

PKK peace progress falters under Erdogan

The Turkish prime minister was preparing to go down in history by ending the country?s conflict with the Kurds ? but progress has stalled

Turkish markets shattered after Fed minutes

The dollar climbed to an historic high against the Turkish Lira and stocks began the day with losses

Turkish markets shaken with record fluctuations

Many emerging markets have started to freefall this week following the release of Federal Reserve minutes

The PKK and the problem of disarmament

The goal of the Prime Minister Erdoğan government in negotiations with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers? Party

Does the AKP really want the Olympics?

No one can accuse our EU minister Egemen Bağış of lacking political foresight

Power Struggle in Turkey: PM Erdogan’s dangerous friends / Breaking News

National Turk English

U.S. diplomats describe the Gülen community in the diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks as ?the most powerful Islamist group? inTurkey. They ?controlled key economic, trade and media companies and the political scene has infiltrated deep, the AKP

End to Anti-Terror Law the ultimate aim of peace process: Justice minister

The government aims to abrogate Turkey?s Anti-Terror Law by establishing a peaceful climate after the Kurdish peace process is brought to its conclusion, Sadullah Ergin said

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