Eurosphere roundup: “Greece ‘may need 10bn euros more’

Gibraltar criticises Spain over dive

Gibraltar strongly criticises Spanish police for sending divers to inspect an artificial reef in waters claimed by the British territory.

Greece ‘may need 10bn euros more’

Greece may need a third bailout worth about about 10bn euros (£8.6bn; $13.4bn) but would not accept new austerity measures, the Greek finance minister says.

A Merkel win will not alter Europe

For all the sound and fury of the election campaign, the next government will not be very different as far as economic policy is concerned

Italy?s PDL closes ranks around Berlusconi

The tone adopted by Mr Berlusconi?s party has increased tensions within the governing alliance, which depends on the PDL for support

Croatia defies EU on arrest warrant

Croatia, who joined the EU on 1 July, is already entangled in a major conflict with the European Commission. In late June, Zagreb changed its legislation, not allowing the European Arrest Warrant to apply for crimes committed before 2002.

Commission Vice President Viviane Reding wrote to Zagreb, warning that the country could lose EU funds if it did not change its new law.

Talk of new bailout hardens Greek opposition

Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the Greek leftist Syriza party, said talk of a possible third bailout for Athens was a signal that the government had failed and that new elections were needed, EurActiv Greece reports.

German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble recently admitted that the debt-ridden country will need a new aid package in addition to the two previous ones, which totalled about ?240 billion, triggering a storm of protest from opposition parties five weeks before a general election in Germany.

German press says US bugged UN, EU teleconferences

The US National Security Agency has bugged the United Nations’ New York headquarters, Germany’s Der Spiegel weekly said yesterday (25 August) in a report on US spying that could further strain relations between Washington and its allies.

Citing secret US documents obtained by fugitive former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, German news magazine Der Spiegel said the files showed how the United States systematically spied on other states and institutions.


Red tape or a red rag?: the Equality Act in the UK

With austerity measures in full swing, the government’s decision to review the duty on state and government bodies to proactively tackle women’s inequality in the UK has raised alarm bells amongst leading women’s rights organisations


Cameron?s EU agenda becomes clearer

Business advisers stress the need for lighter regulation. David Cameron also hopes to win German and perhaps French support for a new approach to EU migration

Dutch fear rise in immigration

The Netherlands once boasted of its history as an asylum for immigrants but a planned change to EU law has highlighted tensions about cheap labour

Greece ‘may renegotiate bailout’

Greece may seek ease its debt burden by renegotiating repayment of its bailout loans, the Greek finance minister tells a German newspaper.


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