Journalism news: UK intel officials enter Guardian offices to destroy Snowden docs. Still they don’t get it…

UK intel officials enter Guardian offices, destroy hard drives with Snowden docs


Glenn Greenwald, left, with David Miranda, who was held for nine hours at Heathrow under schedule 7 of Britain’s terror laws. Photograph: Ricardo Moraes/Reuters

The UK government smashed the Guardian?s hard drives in hopes of stopping the Snowden leaks

The Guardian Editor in Chief Alan Rusbridger has revealed that members of the UK Government Communications Headquarters oversaw the destruction of the newspaper?s hard drives in an effort to keep material leaked by Edward Snowden from coming to light

New Twitter feature surfaces news stories that give context to popular tweets

Twitter announced a new feature today aimed at surfacing ?the stories behind a tweet.? If a tweet has been embedded into a news story, those headlines (and seemingly, other relevant headlines as well) will be displayed below the tweet. For example:

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