It is getting worse… Interim President tweets ?Egypt to sign int’l document acknowledging Armenian genocide,?

PHOTO: Churches are Crying in Egypt

In reaction to burning churches, a little girl in Upper Egypt sketched this picture that brought tears to my eyes:

? daliaziada (@daliaziada) August 15, 2013

Egyptian women rights advocate Dalia Aziada posted this tweet after several Coptic churches were burnt across Egypt following a brutal military operation on August 14 2013, to clear Muslim Brotherhood supporters from sit-in camps in the capital Cairo, where they have been demanding ousted president Morsi’s reinstatement for weeks.

36 Muslim Brotherhood prisoners killed in Egypt jalbreak: State media

Thirty-six prisoners were killed in Egypt on Aug. 18 during an attempted prison break, the official MENA news agency reported.

?Egypt to sign int’l document acknowledging Armenian genocide,? interim President tweets

Egypt is preparing to recognize one of Turkey?s darkest pages of history, its interim president has said, as the ties between both countries became further strained

Foreign Ministry issues warning for Turkish citizens in Egypt to avoid demos and traveling by road

The Foreign Ministry has warned Turkish citizens in Egypt to stay away from the demonstrations and not to travel within the country by road, underlining that a state of emergency had been declared by the authorities

 Bodies Pile in Egypt, But Birds Still Singing for Russian Vacationers

Over the past several days Russian newspapers [ru] have [ru] reported [ru], with growing worry, about the 50,000 Russian tourists who run the danger of being stranded in Egypt, if the violence there does not abate. Egypt, along with Turkey, is a popular budget travel destination for Russians, who especially favor the all-inclusive resort towns of Harghuda and Sharm-el-Sheikh on the Red Sea. In fact, it is so popular that even the growing instability, riots, and several hundred fatalities have not deterred many Russians from taking their long awaited vacations.

Egypt may freeze talks with Borsa Istanbul

Egypt is likely to freeze talks on a proposed joint index covering the Egypt and Istanbul stock markets

Turkey?s textile firms halt activities in Egypt

Some Turkish textile companies have suspended their operations and future investment plans in Egypt amid the escalating violence that concerns many foreign firms in the country


Egyptian ultras again on focus on both end of street protests

A football brawl last year in which more than 70 militant fans died galvanized significant numbers of Egyptians against the military and security forces


Cairo economy struggles with military curfew

Egypt’s month-long state of emergency is meant to address security concerns, but it hurts people in other ways.

Coup in Egypt has strengthened the hand of al-Assad, SNC’s Turkey representative says

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is increasingly back in business thanks to Egypt?s coup against the Muslim Brotherhood?s Mohamed Morsi

Egypt and growing risk in Turkey?s Kurdish bid

It may be difficult to understand the Turkish government?s anger against the coup in Egypt


Egypt to Foreign Journalists: Shape Up

CAIRO — As the confrontation between Egypt’s government and supporters of deposed President Mohammed Morsy heats up, Cairo’s new rulers have a new target for criticism — the foreign press corps.

?Our money is the reason Egypt?s bloodshed,? Dubai sheikh?s daughter says

The daughter of Dubai?s Sheikh, Mahra Mohammed al-Maktoum, has protested her emirate?s stance vis-à-vis Egypt?s coup

Crisis of modernity and secularism: the cases of Egypt, Turkey and Bangladesh

Whenever democratic space has opened up, people have been eager to choose those who not only provide a better solution for their economic and social problems, but who can also offer them a recognition of the authenticity of their cultures.

US lawmakers want to cut aid after Egypt ‘massacre’

US lawmakers called for cutting off military aid to Egypt after its security forces killed hundreds of supporters

Turkish government furious against OIC chief, calls for resignation

Senior Turkish government officials have taken aim at the head of the Organization of the Islamic Conference

Planned Egypt meeting between Turkish president, prime minister postponed

A meeting on the crisis in Egypt scheduled to take place today between President Gül and PM Erdoğan was postponed


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