Photo galleries from an American redditor… Egypt chastises Turkey’s attempts…

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American Redditor in Egypt Shares Moving Protest Photos

An American redditor caught in Egypt’s current state of chaos has uploaded a trove of pictures for anyone to use, view or share.

Turkey?s ?unfortunate UN attempts? unlikely to succeed: Egypt

Egypt has expressed ?dismay? at what they said were ?unfortunate? attempts by Turkey

EU, US wake up to drama in Egypt

Major European powers summoned Egyptian ambassadors today over Aug. 14?s deadly crackdown as the United States? top diplomat said the violence was deplorable and a ?serious blow? to reconciliation efforts

Chatter: Egypt’s great state of emergency

GlobalPost (blog)

Turkey, for one, has called for United Nations intervention. … Bradley Manning, the US soldier facing up to 90 years in prison for espionage, has apologized for any damage he did his country by passing classified documents to WikiLeaks. “I’m sorry


Death toll rises to 525 after Egypt police storm protests

At least 525 people were killed in nationwide violence sparked by a crackdown on the protest camps of supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, according to a health ministry

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