FP roundup: “Obama?s dangerous passivity on Egypt and Syria …

Egypt ?shame? for Islam, Arab world, Turkish President Gül says

President Abdullah Gül said Aug. 16 the ongoing crisis in Egypt is a shame for Islam and the Arab world

Turkey recalls ambassador in Cairo for consultations, Egypt reciprocates

Egypt recalled its ambassador in Ankara, reciprocating only a few hours later to Turkish PM Erdoğan announced that Turkey’s ambassador in Cairo had been recalled to Ankara for consultations

Obama?s dangerous passivity on Egypt and Syria on display

There was hope a few months ago that mounting chaos in the Middle East, and a revamping of President Obama?s national security team, would prompt the president to snap out of what looked like a deepening torpor in foreign policy.

US needs to isolate Egypt?s military

With the US vilified by both sides of Egypt?s political divide, it was a good tactic to avoid bold statements, but that must now change


UN Security Council hold closed-door meeting on Egypt after bloodbath

The U.N. Security Council launched on Aug. 15 closed-door consultations on the latest developments in Egypt following the government’s deadly crackdown on supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi

Merkel, Hollande to discuss Egypt crisis by phone

French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel plan to discuss the Egypt crisis


Obama fails to correct Egyptian mistake

The president has championed business as usual and his largely symbolic gestures did not undermine implicit US support for the Egyptian military


Rabaa, Egypt: I Have Seen Patients With Their Heads Blown Out

Islam Abdel-Rahman, an Egyptian doctor who was protesting at Rabaa in Cairo found himself trying to save his fellow protesters as their camp came under brutal siege by Egyptian security forces on August 14, 2013.

Turkey not categorically against formation of autonomous Kurdish entity inside Syria

Turkey is not categorically against the formation of an autonomous Kurdish entity inside Syria as long as this decision is made at a Parliament representing the nation?s will

Interesting differences between Erdoğan?s and Obama?s statements

While I was reading the files that piled up on my desk after the Bayram holiday, some interesting details

Swap deal for Turkish pilots possible: SNC

The families of two Turks kidnapped in Lebanon get a sliver of hope, as Syrian opposition figures say a deal could be done to secure their release

Bulgaria summons Turkish ambassador over Deputy PM Bozdağ’s remarks

Turkish Ambassador to Bulgaria İsmail Aramaz has been summoned to the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry

Swap deal for Turkish pilots possible: Syrian National Council?s Turkey representative

The families of two Turks kidnapped in Lebanon get a sliver of hope

Turkey keeps mum on PYD discussions

Turkish officials? lips were tightly sealed yesterday regarding a visit to Turkey by Salih Muslim, the co-leader of the main Kurdish group in northern Syria

Turkey turns to Hezbollah in hostage crisis

Turkey sought Wednesday assistance from Hezbollah over the case of the two Turkish Airlines pilots kidnapped in Beirut last week as Lebanon interrogated four more people over the abduction.


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