Gülen vs. Erdoğan…”Gülen Movement denies ‘rift with ruling AKP’ -Politics roundup

Gülen Movement denies ‘rift with ruling AKP’

The Journalists and Writers Foundation, a leading institution of the Gülen community, has denied rumors of a split between the group and the ruling government


The issue of growth in the long election process

The growth issue occupies the top of the agenda both around the world and in Turkey

New charter still key for societal peace

Parliament?s Constitution Conciliation Commission is silently but effectively continuing its efforts to rewrite

Turkish Parliement to be open to scarves

Four political parties in panal charged with making new charter agreed on an article which may lift the ban on wearing headscarf for public servants

Öcalan: Process Can?t Continue Unilaterally

?My brother told me that the process can?t continue unilaterally and both parties required to take steps towards resolution,? Mehmet Öcalan said. Abdullah Öcalan?s lawyers also submitted requests to meet their client.

Consensus Reached Over Children, LGBT Rights

Turkey?s parliamentarian commission on constitution drafting reached consensus over the prosecution of children without arrest. The commission also agreed to include the expression ?sexual orientation? in order to prevent discrimination towards LGBT groups.

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