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Turkey?s Council of State Ignores ECHR Verdict

Ignoring an ECHR verdict, Turkey?s Council of State confirmed a lower court ruling on the rejection of repartition demand in the case of Abdullah Yaşa – a 13 year old victim of police canisters during a demonstration in Diyarbakır in 2006.

Map of the European Union (27) with the Republ...
Map of the European Union (27) with the Republic of Turkey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Twice an injustice (II)

No doubt, the Ergenekon verdicts send messages at many wavelengths, although the simplistic

A dangerous barter?

If this country will ever achieve a peaceful resolution of the Kurdish problem

Coups in Turkey and Egypt

There is a reason almost all political segments in Turkey condemned the coup in Egypt in similar ways

Ergenekon verdict is a dark chapter in Turkey’s history

Hurriyet Daily News

When a Turkish court August 5 handed down sentences against 275 people in the so-called ?Ergenekon? case, including a life sentence in prison for a former military chief of staff, it brought to a close a disquieting five-year chapter in the country’s


US, EU avoid commenting on Ergenekon verdicts, concerned for judicial process

Journal of Turkish Weekly

The U.S. and the European Union declined to comment Aug.5 on the verdicts of Turkey’s Ergenekon coup plot case that resulted in several aggravated life sentences for high-ranking army officials including a former chief of staff general while


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