EFD Rights Watch: “Turkish President Gül ?sad? over former top commander?s conviction

Turkish President Gül ?sad? over former top commander?s conviction

Turkey?s President has expressed sadness over the conviction of a former top commander in a coup plot court case

Turkish Judicial System Takes Blow in Ergenekon Verdict


On Aug. 7, ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) spokesman Huseyin Celik responded cynically to reactions to Monday’s Ergenekonverdicts. ?The lawyers are shouting out at the [Silivri] courtroom, ‘All places are Silivri, everywhere is [under] assault.

How far the ?Gezi retaliation? to the business world?

When I took a vacation about two weeks ago, the business world was going through the shock of early morning raids by financial teams accompanied by police on Tüpraş


Turkey: what lies behind the nationwide protests?

The nationwide demonstrations were spontaneous, universal and beyond distinct class characteristics. What we have witnessed can be described as the self-protection of society against a particular form of ?governance? which neutered politics and silenced voices of dissent by appealing to the requirements of economic success, says Ayse Bugra

Getting Creative With Occupy Gezi Witch-Hunt

First, please check the latest news:


Ekşisözlük Writers Charged With Blasphemy, Face Prison Sentence

Prosecutors charged Sedat Kapanoğlu and 40 account holders with the ?blasphemy on the religious values of a society fraction? due to their entries on Ekşisözlük, a popular social media website in Turkey. Site owner Kapanoğlu and other users are facing prison sentences from 6 up to 12 months.

Four arrested in probe into killing of Gezi protester

Eight people were detained today in the probe into the killing of a Gezi protester


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