Tor network gets a major hit… A cyberculture roundup…

A technical explanation here.

Feds bring down Tor-hosted child porn site using suspected vulnerability in Firefox browser

The US government has successfully taken down one of the Internet?s largest child porn sites, following a program that cracked security on a service that enables anonymous Internet browsing and site hosting.

Twitter Reveals Data About the U.S. Government Requests it Receives for User Information

Twitter recently sahred information about the types of government requests it received regarding user accounts. Twitter says information about 1,319 user accounts were requested from January 1st through June 30. Of these, 56% were subpoenas, 23% were search warrants, 11% were court orders and 10% fell into a category Twitter calls “Other.” Twitter says the “Other” category includes ” exigent emergency disclosure requests and other requests received for user information without valid legal process.”


Six blatant lies about spying from the NSA up to Obama

ProPublica has produced a video showing, point-by-point all the ways that US government officials, all the way up to Obama, have told blatant lies about the details and extent of NSA spying.


Google and the secret corporate war

Press TV

Prior to joining the secret war against Iran, Cohen spent four months in that country, a nation he now leads destabilization efforts against from secret facilities in Azerbaijan, a story that reached international audiences when WikiLeaks published


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