Ergenekon verdict day. Martial Law measures against citizens who want to attend the Anti-coup trial…

Gendarme prevents buses…

DHKP/C threat prompts high security measures: Ergenekon judge

The severe security measures taken at the Silivri Courthose ahead of Ergenekon verdict trial were prompted by a tip claiming a threat

Gendarme stands duty in the Silivri farms, in case, some attempt to enter Court premises.

Police forces resort to teargas to disperse Silivri crowds ahead of verdict in Turkey’s major coup trial

Police forces began using tear gas on crowds gathering in the fields around Silivri Courthouse ahead of the Ergenekon verdict trial

Lawyers humiliated, searched intensively…

Silivri routes shut down ahead of Turkey’s coup trials

All highways and toll booths on way to Istanbul?s Silivri were shut down from the morning hours as part of security measures

Time for verdict arrives in Turkey’s major coup plot trial

The curtain is set to finally come down on Turkey?s most-important trial in recent memory, as judges are expected to give their verdict against 275 suspects in the five-year-long Ergenekon case today

Ergenekon verdict conditions ?unseen under martial law,? says former chief of general staff

Başbuğ said the verdict is likely to ‘disturb public conscience’

Ergenekon verdict predictable, Turkish Bar head says

The head of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations (TBB), Metin Feyzioğlu, said that it was more or less possible to predict the verdict of the Ergenekon case

Police disperse BDP rally in Turkey’s restive frontier town with tear gas and water cannon

Police quelled Peace and Democracy Party‘s demonstration in support of Syrian Kurds in the restive Turkish-Syrian border town of Ceylanpınar

Will the Ergenekon case close with a ruling?

One of Turkish history?s most important political court cases is expected to come to an end today, Aug. 5, at Istanbul?s 13th Criminal Court.


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