Barbaros Şansal among 40 detained tonight Police show of force in Taksim… #OccupyGezi

One can confidently assume that we are living through minor exercises of Erdoğan’s Police State. Today there was no call for demonstrations in Taksim. It is now believed that this is state operation. At 19 no citizens showed up. But there was heavy police presence all over Taksim. at 19 the police entered streets close to Taksim Square and began to detain people. This is such a pity. Pro-government are hoping from mosque to mosque as they believe cleansing their souls while their ruling party violating basic rights, helping al-Qaida forces massacring Kurds in Rajavo…

Amnesty International Calls For Cyber Protest

Amnesty International called for action to protest police violence through a cyber platform of Taksim Square where participants could tag themselves by logging in by social media accounts.

Police close Gezi Park following call for gathering on social media

Police have closed access to Istanbul’s Gezi Park Aug. 3 afternoon after a call for a demo


Turkey: Gezi Park Coverage Costing Journalists Their Jobs

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The recent dismissals of several high-profile journalists in Turkey are sending a clear message to all those working for mass media outlets: criticize Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his government’s policies at your own risk.


Post-Gezi Park embraces ?park forums? spirit

The idea of ?park forums? comes from a call to share dialogue, unite diverse perspectives and understand each other to work toward a better life together


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