Politics roundup: US Senate discusses Gezi Park protests… Erdogan accused of McCarthy-style witchhunt


Turkey?s Democratic Path

The International Herald Tribune (USA) July 30, 2013 Tuesday, p. 7 Egemen Bagis *, Ankara Just days after your editorial ?Turkey undermines its bid to join the E.U.? (June 26), the E.U. decided to resume talks with Turkey by opening the Regional Policy Chapter to negotiations. We welcome this decision. Yet criticism by some European


US Senate discusses Gezi Park protests

James Jeffrey, former U.S. ambassador to Ankara, speaks during the panel.

The U.S. Senate discussed Turkey?s Gezi Park protests in a panel at the Committee on Foreign Relations on July 31.

Erdogan accused of McCarthy-style witchhunt

The Times (UK) August 1, 2013 Thursday, p. 28 Alexander Christie-Miller The Turkish authorities have been accused of organising a ?McCarthystyle? witchhunt against dissenting journalists, with more than 60 forced from their jobs in recent weeks. The spate of dismissals by media organisations is part of a broader alleged crackdown against students, doctors, lawyers, and

Turkish president approves removal of coup article

Turkish President Abdullah Gül has approved the amendment of an article believed to have provided historical legal justification for military coups d?état in the country

Ruling AKP vague on its plan for presidential system

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is continuing to give vague signals on Constitution drafting efforts

Öcalan Warns on Resolution Process

?He told us that he would take his hands off from peace process if it goes like this,? Abdullah Öcalan?s uncle Süleyman Arslan said after meeting PKK leader on Imrali Island

Jailed PKK leader Öcalan threatens to quit peace process, says sister

Öcalan said he would quit the peace process if it continues to be ?this way,’ according to his sister.


Turkish PM Erdoğan dismisses 10 percent threshold pleas

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said July 26 during a brief press interview that he had no intention of tackling the 10 percent election issue

Opposition: Ruling AKP?s intentions to change electoral system

A narrowed constituency system promoted as an electoral reform by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has nothing to do with democratization, opposition parties say

Efforts for Turkey’s new charter gain speed

Parliament?s Constitution Conciliation Commission has hit the ground running after a brief break, quickly reaching complete agreement on nine more


Reducing threshold a must, says Turkish opposition

The opposition insists no democratization can be fully achieved without reducing the 10 percent election threshold


Support for Kurdish bid on rise: AKP poll

The ruling AKP hails growing support for its Kurdish peace process, saying public backing by all has grown despite the anti-gov?t Gezi Park protests

No one is forced to like us: Turkish PM

Erdoğan dismissed criticisms of a ‘dictatorial rule,’ adding that not everyone was forced to like the ruling AKP


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