Ah well, Turkey blames Israel for breakdown… a FP roundup…

Turkey blames Israel for breakdown

ANKARA, Turkey, July 25 (UPI) — Turkey’s deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc blames Israel for failing to reach agreement on compensation for Mavi Marmara victims.


Turkey won?t accept Israel?s ex gratia payment as compensation in Mavi Marmara case

Israel insists on redressing the Mavi Marmara victims’ damages with ?ex gratia? payment without admitting wrongful act

Syrian refugee crisis raises tensions in Turkish border towns

Influx of people fleeing civil war leaves resources stretched and many local people angry at lack of international response

La Turquie perd son allié égyptien

Al-Ahram Hebdo (Egypte) n° 984, semaine du 24 au 30 juillet 2013, p. 14 Hicham Mourad La turquie est très en colère contre la destitution de Mohamad Morsi par l?armée égyptienne. Ankara est la capitale étrangère qui a exprimé la plus violente réaction contre ce qu?elle a qualifié de « coup d?Etat militaire » contre

UN Security Council to hold first meeting with Syrian opposition on Friday

The U.N. Security Council is to hold its first meeting with the Syrian National Coalition leadership in New York on July 26, Britain announced

Analysis: Kurdish pain or gain? Turkey faces dilemma via Syrian war, PKK talks

Turkey is facing a dire dilemma over ?winning the hearts and minds? of Kurds – both in the national and regional context

Turkey?s peace process to set example for Syria and Iraq, Turkish FM says

Turkey?s peace process would set a good example for Syria and Iraq should it progress further in its attempt to end a three-decade-old Kurdish insurgency, Davutoğlu says


Syria opposition to meet Aug 3-4 in Istanbul

Syria’s opposition National Coalition will meet in Istanbul on August 3 and 4 for talks on forming a provisional government

Denmark bans Kurdish TV station and fines it £1.2m

A Kurdish TV station based in Denmark has appealed to the country’s supreme court after a lower court revoked its licence and ordered it to pay a fine of £1.2m.

Roj TV, in company with its parent company Mesopotamia Broadcasting, was convicted on 3 July of promoting terrorism by supporting the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Official: Turkish-Israel talks on compensating flotilla raid victims stall

Turkey’s deputy prime minister says talks between Israel and Turkey on compensation for the victims of a deadly Israel raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla have stalled over disagreement on the legal definition of the damages.

Tight security, tension as Egypt braces for rival rallies

Egypt was on edge Thursday ahead of rival protests by the military and Islamists, as the government declared a “war on terrorism”

Middle East Is Sinking Deeper Into Instability

The Moscow Times (Russia) 24 July 2013, p. 9            Español  Français By Javier Solana * Instability continues to spread in the Middle East, with the military coup in Egypt the latest episode to trigger political tremors throughout the region. With its 85 million people and strategically vital location, Egypt is the most important

New Middle East

The Indian Express, July 24, 2013, p. 13 C. Raja Mohan * As the old order crumbles in the Middle East, the imperative of recalibrating India?s regional policy has been staring at Delhi for some time. The deepening political turmoil, regime instability and sectarian strife across the Middle East are all testing the established policies

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