For the record, Turkish Education Ministry refuses to allow headscarved teacher to return to job while PM Erdoğan continues to exploit Kemalist ban…

Turkish Education Ministry refuses to allow headscarved teacher to return to job

The Education Ministry has objected to a Council of State decision that struck down the expulsion of a teacher from her profession for wearing a headscarf at school


Media and Elections: Turkey?s Democratic Occlusions

In today?s New York Times, Yavuz Baydar laid out the extent of the graft and corruption that makes the mainstream Turkish media at best irrelevant, at worst a tool of government disinformation. Not that the Turkish media covers its own corruption, or any other corruption. The media bosses are too entwined with big business and the state.  We all know about how the TV channel Haberturk laid on a documentary about penguins while teargas was leaking into people?s homes and demonstrators were being clubbed on the streets. Baydar gives many more examples of sanitized coverage over the years. Since sighting the penguins, members of the public have been patting themselves on the back, claiming that the wool has been removed from their eyes and they now see that they have been lied to for many years, served penguins instead of news about the war on the Kurds. Yet people I?ve spoken to outside the circle of liberal urbanites continue to believe what they see and read, even if those of us with multiple sources can see the ?news? for the sometimes downright bald lie it is. What people don?t know, because no one will report on it, is the sheer extent of the corruption.


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