EFD Rights Watch: “Turkish court gives green light to destruction of Gezi Park…

Turkish court gives green light to destruction of Gezi Park

An Istanbul administrative court has unanimously overturned a lower court?s decision to halt the Turkish government?s plan…

update: A news piece in Turkish claims that for the moment the park cannot be destroyed….

A public for democracy: overcoming mediated segregation in Turkey

In this context, ?Gezi?, as a synonym for all the places in Turkey where protests and citizen forums have sprung up, is not as much about solidarity as it is about the albeit tentative discovery of common-ness through the very defence of the commons.


Two detained for ?Death to Alevis? graffiti in Ankara

Two suspects have been detained in a police investigation into hate speech graffiti against Alevis that was written on the walls and doors of apartments in an Ankara’s Mamak neighborhood

Gezi protester injured by police gas canister discharged from hospital after two brain surgeries

A woman severely injured by a gas canister in the initial Gezi protests in Istanbul has been discharged from hospital after undergoing two brain surgeries

Turkish Rock Band Protests Gezi Park in Tbilisi

GÜRZ  © Onnik Krikorian 2013

Turkish metal band GÜRZ put on gas masks after asking the audience to show solidarity with Gezi Park protesters in Turkey at a rock festival in Tbilisi, Georgia.


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