A poll says Support to AKP drops after Gezi rallies… a Social fabric roundup…

Support to AKP drops after Gezi rallies, say poll

The ruling Justice and Development Party?s (AKP) votes have decreased 6 percent since 2012 while the opposition parties increased their votes, according to a recent survey conducted after the Gezi Park protests.

End of ?la dolce vita? period with foreign capital for Turkey soon

Turkey attracted around $400 billion of foreign money between 2003 and 2012, but foreigners have now stepped back

Couple to tie the knot at Gezi Park after meeting during protests

Romance is in the air in Gezi, as a couple that met during the revolt prepares to tie the kno


Turkey?s exquisitely ?odd? and relentlessly creative writer Leyla Erbil passes away

Erbil was the first Turkish female writer nominated to a Nobel Prize

The Turkish protests have left us enlightened and emboldened | Zeynep Talay-Turner

The overseas interest has waned but our protests continue amid a brutal government crackdown and give us reason to smile

On 25 June, three weeks after the Gezi Park protest started, an American friend sent me an email. He asked me whether I was OK, and hoped that the protests hadn’t “affected me in a negative way”. There was something in his tone that suggested that he thought the protests were already in the past, the camp in the park having been liquidated on 15 June. He was wrong; they have continued ever since. Why?


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