Aleppo University withdraws Turkish PM Erdoğan?s honorary doctorate (!) A FP roundup… an Egypt roundup…

Aleppo University withdraws Turkish PM Erdoğan?s honorary doctorate

The council of Aleppo University has announced the withdrawal of an honorary doctorate that the university awarded to Turkish PM in 2009


Egypt Protest Leader Snubs State Department #2

CAIRODeputy Secretary of State William Burns is currently in Egypt, making him the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit since Mohammed Morsy was ousted from power earlier this month. But the activists who organized the massive protests that helped force Morsy from office are pointedly refusing to meet with him.


Algeria: the real lessons for Egypt

For all its problems, Algeria never became an Islamic state. Like Algerian progressives in the 1990s, Egyptian progressives now have to carve out the space to construct a credible alternative under the shield of the new transitional process, and simultaneously challenge the military?s human rights abuses

Seven dead as police and protesters clash in Egypt

Seven people were killed and more than 260 wounded when supporters of Mohamed Mursi clashed with the deposed president’s opponents


Egypt eying new hope after Islamist approach

These days there may be more mummies than tourists in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Putin returns criticism to Turkish PM on foreign forces in Syria

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said during his May visit to Washington

Were Turkish spies and diplomats sleeping before coup in Egypt?

I am going to give you the names of two talented spies who might have changed the course of history

Normalization depends on correct steps of Egypt

Damaged ties between Turkey and Egypt can only be repaired if the army rulers take correct and efficient steps

Main opposition to appeal against Foreign Ministry law in Turkey

The main opposition Republican People?s Party (CHP) is preparing to appeal to the Constitutional Court regarding a controversial bill outlining radical changes to diplomatic appointments

Turkey warns of Egypt ?reverse domino effect?

Autocratic dominoes fell in the Mideast with the Arab Spring, but Egypt?s coup could completely reverse the process, FM Davutoğlu warns


In Egypt’s media: Two camps, one loser!

Not only the state-owned media avowedly backed the military after Morsi’s ouster, but most of the Egyptian privately-owned TV stations and newspapers as well have embraced the military’s perspective.


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