A Journalism roundup: Al Jazeera America and more…

Reinventing American cable news from Qatar: Why everyone?s talking about Al Jazeera America

Al Jazeera America will launch on August 20 and, according to increasingly contentious recent coverage, it?s either going to save American cable news or be a disaster.

How Google Glass can evolve as a tool for journalists

Editor?s note: This is a guest post by Sarah Hill, the Chief Digital Storyteller for Veterans United Home Loans. She is Hangout Host for its veteran and military issues news hub,Veterans United Network. She is also known as the first journalist to use a Google+ Hangout in a television newscast. You can connect with Sarah on Google+, or chat with her on Twitter.

Lunch with the Financial Times

The Financial Times‘s Tim Harford has a regular feature called Lunch with the FT in which he takes someone out for lunch and a long chat, and then reports on both the lunch and the talk. We sat down recently for very nice steaks and cheap wine, and Tim’s just written it up:

For public radio and television stations, collaboration around the news proves challenging

Tanya Ott is used to editing news. Right now, she?s waiting for some of her own: a yay or nay from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting about funding for the public radio collaboration she oversees, the Southern Education Desk.


What is journalism, redux

The Guardian asked me to respond to the issues raised in Yochai Benkler?s testimony at the trial of Bradley Manning about the definition of journalism. I?m cross-posting it here for archival purposes. To comment, please go to the Guardian.

In the Netherlands, a magazine experiments with ?social distribution? (and they don?t mean retweets)

Every workday in Mumbai, 5,000 home-cooked meals make their way from homes to offices at midday via a network of ?culinary couriers? called dabbawallas. Single meals often pass through a dozen hands and as many distribution zones on their way to their destinations, where workers wait for meals made fresh at their homes.


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