PM Erdoğan’s encouragement of vigilante justice pays its toll. Attacks by thugs increase… EFD Rights Watch

Thugs attack Kocamustafapaşa Forum in Istanbul:


Police strike people protesting death of 19-year-old Gezi protester in southern Turkey

Turkish police intervened against nearly 3,000 people protesting the murder of a 19-year-old Gezi Park protester who died of his wounds July 10

Assailant with machete attacking Gezi protesters in Istanbul flees to Morocco

A man who attacked Gezi Park protesters with a machete in his hand has fled abroad


Group commemorating slain Gezi protester attacked by civilians in central Istanbul

A group of men with knives and sticks attacked a Gezi Park forum in Istanbul


Footage emerges showing assailants beating Gezi protesters with sticks

Footage that shows assailants beating protesters with sticks has emerged

Intellectuals propose concrete reforms as response to Gezi protests in appeal to government

A group of academics, journalists, artists and activists have urged the government to undertake reforms as a response to the Gezi Park protests

Another Gezi Death

Photo from T-24

University student Ali Ismail Korkmaz (19) was beaten to death by a group of as-yet unidentified casually dressed men while running away from police-fired tear gas bombs during Gezi Park protests in Eskisehir. None of the three surveillance cameras nearby had any usable footage; two had no recordings, one was damaged. The mayor of Eskisehir, Gungor Azim Tuna, tried to shove the blame onto unknown groups that ?might have beaten their own friend to put the blame on the police?. Wouldn?t that be an extreme way to make a point, beating your own friend to death?

Gezi and Kemalo-Islamist attacks on sociologist Göle (1)-

Both ultra-nationalists (Ulusalcilar) and the Justice and Development Party (AKP) want to present two diametrically opposing essential narratives of the Gezi Park protests.

Moreover, both are hostile to people who are trying to understand what is really going on. On the one hand, we have the Ulusalcilar who have been trying to hijack and manipulate the Gezi Park protests for their coup dreams. On the other, we have the AKP that wants us to focus only on the coup-lovers and stop any criticism against its rule, rhetoric and practice.

Internationally renowned sociologist Nilüfer Göle has been a victim of such attacks and this case is very telling, since it shows once again the similarities between the Turkish Islamism of some AKP members and Kemalism. More than a year ago, I dubbed the term ?Kemalo-Islamists? to denote this phenomenon and the Göle case strengthens my argument.


Prosecutor demands arrest of detained Taksim Solidarity Platform members

The Taksim Solidarity Platform has been charged in a police report with provoking people to take to the streets, causing injuries, and managing all protests across the country

Top Five Posters from AKP Global: What If Turkish Government Could Dominate The World

Even in these days that the share price of political Islam went down dramatically, Turkey’s governing Justice and Development Party (AKP) mulls exporting the Turkish model.


A report in daily Sabah today stated that a public prosecutor overseeing investigations into coups in Turkey had opened a probe into the Egyptian coup. The office of the Ankara chief prosecutor said the complaint is received and put into a process, but there is no probe yet.


Ruling AKP lawmaker shocks with sexist comments to female journalists at Parliament

Zeyid Aslan’s sexist comments has sparked outrage

Turkish basketballer Akyol dropped from national team squad amid Gezi Park controversy

Rumors started that it was not Cenk Akyol’s performance, but his reaction after Gezi protests that played a role in the decision


Over 1,200 hospitalized during Gezi protests, Turkish health ministry says

In a bid to show that it was well focused on developments concerning the Gezi Park protests, the Health Ministry has announced that 535 people in Istanbul and 1,223 people throughout Turkey were transferred to the hospitals

AKP Deupty Aslan Harasses, Insults Women Journalists

AKP?s Tokat province deputy Zeyid Aslan harassed women journalists, saying that ?If I snap a photo of your thighs and publish it…?

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