“Microsoft Leaks Reveal Depth of NSA’s Ties with Silicon Valley…US vs. Bradley Manning: defense rests…Cyberculture roundup


Twitter hands over data in French anti-Semitism case

Twitter said Friday it had handed over data to French authorities to help identify the authors of anti-Semitic tweets, following a complaint from a Jewish students’ group


Surveillance, sousveillance and PRISM ? an op-ed for Die Zeit

Friends at Die Zeit, who heard me speak at a panel about ?Cameras Everywhere? at Personal Democracy Forum, asked me to write an op-ed for their newspaper. That pieceran today, translated into German. Here?s the English version I wrote just before the ?Restore the 4th? protests in Washington DC and elsewhere.

US vs. Bradley Manning: defense rests, Manning does not testify, Wikileaks gets respect


At dawn today, Army personnel at Ft. Meade inspected the vehicles of reporters who arrived to cover the Wikileaks trial. One of the vehicles was @wikileakstruck.

Apple conspires on e-book prices:Judge

In a sweeping rejection of Apple?s strategy for selling electronic books on the Internet, a federal judge ruled that the company conspired with five major publishers to raise e-book prices

Report: Microsoft working closely with NSA?direct access given to Hotmail, Skydrive

Microsoft works closely with U.S. Intelligence services, reports The Guardian, allowing interception of users’ communications, email, and cloud storage. Glenn Greenwald, et al., offer the latest on the NSA’s domestic surveillance program.

DefCon Hacker Conference to Feds: ‘We Need Some Time Apart’

At last year’s DefCon, the world’s largest hacker conference, NSA chief Gen. Keith Alexander showed up in blue jeans and a tucked-in T-shirt to give the keynote speech, asking hackers to join forces with the NSA

Snowden set to meet activists in Moscow

Fugitive whistleblower prepares to break his silence for first time since arriving at Moscow airport, where he has lived in transit zone since June 23


Microsoft Leaks Reveal Depth of NSA’s Ties with Silicon Valley

Judging by the latest revelations made by Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency has Microsoft firmly in its pocket.

11 things Edward Snowden has taught us which we did not know

Press scrambles for an anticipated glimpse of Edward Snowden at Moscow airport

Video: RT’s live feed of media scrum at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. Rough machine translation of the Russian description at this link:


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