Turkish ?walking woman? keeps on walking to protest the election threshold… a social fabric roundup…

Turkish ?walking woman? keeps on walking

Aylin Kotil?s walk to protest the election threshold reached its fourth day on July 11, with the Republican People?s Party deputy arriving in the northwestern city of İzmit


Turkish state agency to build 1 mln new houses

The Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) aims to build 1 million houses by 2023

State real winner of lottery game sales in Turkey

The government became the real jackpot winner last year, by earning the lion?s share of the 2.2 billion Turkish Lira

Turkey?s entertainment and media sector to reach $11.6 billion

Turkey?s entertainment and media sector is expected to reach $11.6 billion this year

Over nine percent of girls marry underage in Turkey

Over nine percent of all women in Turkey get married between the ages of 15-19, survey shows

Turkey women call for headscarf freedom

ANKARA, Turkey, July 3 (UPI) — A group of 57 women, including journalists and politicians, said they have created a petition calling for the freedom to wear a headscarf in Turkey.

Decision by Istanbul’s Pendik Municipality on small apartments sparks lifestyle debate

A recent decision reportedly banning construction of smaller apartments by Istanbul district Pendik?s municipal council caused fury


Parliament approves legislation to recruit 100,000 contracted public workers as civil servants

A legal provision allowing around 100,000 contracted public workers to be recruited as civil servants has been approved by the Turkish Parliament

Officials halt sport activity in mosques

The Religious Affairs Directorate has asked the mufti offices across the country not to allow any sports activities inside mosques

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