The most glorious iftar by the #OccupyGezi citizens…#BoyunEğmeyeceğiz

“Anti-capitalist Muslims” who has been supporting the Occupy Gezi from the outset initiated this lovely iftar right on the İstiklal Street… Gezi Resistance provides the best of Turkey’s citizens continously… I am proud to be a supporter….



Gezi forums showcasing struggles of the oppressed in Turkey

Turkey?s nationwide Gezi protests have evolved from frequent, direct confrontation with the state?s heavy-handed police forces to local forums in various parks

Turkish police fire teargas, water cannon to disperse protesters gathering at #Gezi park. #Turkey #OccupyTurkey
UcakTamircisi Helikopter Tamircisi46m
Su tabancasından gözaltı TAKSİM
birkemokte Birke Öktem21m
Orantısız zeka ve mizahin dibi



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