İftar in the Taksim Square by the municipality… while rights violations continue increasingly… EFD Rights Watch

iftar: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iftar

Here are the tables put by the municipality..

Police search houses of Gezi protests? starter group members

Police are searching the houses of representatives of the Taksim Solidarity Platform including their leading figures

European court finds Turkey guilty in case regarding police crackdown

ECHR has fined Turkey in a complaint by two Turkish citizens regarding their treatment by the police in a May Day demonstration

Prosecutor objects to decision to release man who attacked Gezi protesters with machete

The Istanbul Public Prosecutors? Office has objected a court decision to release a ma with a machete

?Release our representatives?: Turkey?s Gezi Park protest pioneers

Taksim Solidarity Platform has called on the prosecutors to release 48 protesters including their leading figures

Turkey ‘Looks Vulnerable’ as Unrest Flares Again

More clashes between protesters and police have put Turkey’s social unrest back in the spotlight, following unprecedented steps by the country’s central bank to shore up its weakening currency and economic decline.

19 Ordered to Pay 4,500 Euros for Pot&Pan Protest

Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TIHV) released a statement, saying that 101 demonstrators were arrested during Gezi Resistance protests across Turkey with charges including ?raiding a mosque?. Those who joined the protests by making noise with pots and pans were ordered to pay a total of 9,880 lira (roughly 4,500 euros).

Turkish top court head approves of early release for terror suspects

A one-year period for the implementation of a new ruling to reduce the maximum length of detention from 10 years to five for terrorism suspects does not need to be applied if judges decide otherwise

Lesson learnt from the Sivas Massacre?

The main item on the agenda in Turkey?s ?agora style? park forums over the last days has undoubtedly been ?Madımak?.

Lawyers to act on Turkey’s coup case arrests

Lawyers of a number of Ergenekon alleged coup case suspects petitioned the Çağlayan Courthouse July 5 to demand the release of their clients

Ten-year detention valid for another year, Deputy PM Bozdağ says

The Constitutional Court has ruled that the 10-year rule for arrests without a verdict is too long, but it has not stated that five years is OK


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