EFD Rights Watch: New wave of arrests over #OccupyGezi ,Swedish Journalist to Apply to ECHR on Turkey, RedHack identified as cyberterrorist..


15 detained over Gezi protests

15 people were detained for allegedly harming private property and use Molotov cocktails while attending the Gezi protests.

Democracy and rights

Peninsula On-line

When protests erupted in Turkey‘s Taksim Square against the government’s redevelopment plans, US Secretary of State John Kerry was among the top figures who criticised the Turkish government‘s handling of the demonstrations. Turkey reacted strongly


Swedish Journalist to Apply to ECHR on Turkey

Sarah Olsson, a journalist from Sweden who was detained and deported by Turkish police for insulting PM during a solidarity event for Lice incident, said she will file a complaint to ECHR.

Erdogan returns to face protests in Turkey

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) ? Turkey’s prime minister was walking a political tightrope Thursday as he headed home from a four-day trip abroad to face massive anti-government protests that have mushroomed to dozens of cities across the country.


RedHack Identified as ?Cyber Terrorist Organization?

Police authorities reportedly submitted a report to Istanbul Prosecutor?s Office, identifying RedHack as a ?cyber terrorist organization? that encouraged public to commit crimes via twitter during Gezi Resistance.


Prosecutor seizes soldiers? guns in Diyarbakır?s Lice

The Diyarbakır Chief Prosecutor decided to seize all weapons at a gendarmerie station in the province?s Lice district

20 ans plus tard : les Alévis commémorent le massacre de l?hôtel Madimak

Le  2 juillet,  les Alévis  étaient des dizaines de milliers à avoir fait le déplacement jusqu’à Sivas, où il y a 20 ans exactement, une foule haineuse mettait le feu à l’hôtel Madimak, où se tenait un festival alévi. 35 personnes seront victimes de l’incendie auquel cette même foule assistait hystérique. 2 assaillants

Alevis skeptical of Turkish government’s plans

The Alevi community remains distant from the new process initiated by Turkish PM Erdoğan and question the sincerity of the governmen



Constitutional Court abrogates provision allowing detentions up to 10 years for terror suspects

The Turkish Constitutional Court abrogated an article of the Turkish Penal Code allowing up to 10 years of detention for suspects prosecuted on terror charges

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