EFD Rights Watch: Two wise men refuse to attend meeting with PM Erdoğan due to Gezi Resistance…

Two wise men refuse to attend meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan because of Gezi unrest

Wise men Professor Baskın Oran and columnist Murat Belge..


One arrested in southeastern Turkey rape case

One suspect was arrested for charges related to the rape of a sixteen year-old.

Turkish police detain 20 alleged protesters during raids in Ankara

Prime minister Erdoğan repeats claim of foreign conspiracy behind weeks of protests and lashes out at BBC journalist

?Court Disregarded Evidence!?

Kazım Bayraktar, attorney of Ethem Sarısülük, claimed that the court did not arrest the policeman suspected of Sarısülük?s murder as it disregarded ?expert and autopsy reports as well as surveillance camera recordings? and only decided upon police testimony.

Prime Minister Erdoğan becomes Turkey?s new dictator,? Main opposition leader says

Turkey?s main opposition Republican People?s Party.

Turkish PM lashes out at protesters

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) ? Turkish police on Tuesday detained at least 20 people allegedly involved in violent protests, as the country’s prime minister continued to lash out at protesters ? and a BBC journalist ? he claimed were part of a conspiracy to harm Turkey.


No one can order AKP government to remove officials from duty: Turkish PM

Turkish Prime Minister warned activist groups today not to.

Turkish Deputy PM says he could barely ?restrain? himself from speaking out on bikini woman

Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç said he was ?barely restraining? himself from saying certain things about


Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan praises police?s intervention in Gezi protests as ?heroic?

The Turkish police have written a heroic story during the Gezi Park interventions, Turkish Prime Minister said


Turkey, alcohol and Islam

Now, after a decade of electoral success and economic growth, governing without a coalition, the army neutralised, in control of the media, the judiciary and the police, Erdogan feels free to move on this crucial symbolic issue of alcohol and its venues.

BBC journalist received ‘threatening’ tweets from Turkish mayor

Broadcaster condemns messages sent by Ankara mayor to reporter Selin Girit accusing her of ‘treachery’

The BBC has expressed concern after one of its journalists was targeted in a “threatening” Twitter campaign by a senior Turkish politician over her coverage of protests in the country.

The BBC Turkey reporter Selin Girit was accused of “treachery” and acting as a foreign agent in a series of tweets by Ibrahim Melih Gökçek, the longstanding mayor of Ankara, on Sunday.

Woman in black, one of the Gezi Park heroes, wanted to show protests? peacefulness

The woman in a black dress who became a hero during the Gezi Park protests after standing in front of.


Turkish PM Takes Aim at Social Media

Voice of America

Yaman Akdeniz is an expert on cyber freedom at Istanbul’s Bilgi University. He says while the importance of social media is growing, he worries about a looming crackdown. “People will now switch more to social media platforms because that is one area


Tear Gas & Twitter in Taksim – an anarchist eyewitness analysis from Gezi Park …


A poll by Bilgi university found that the vast majority of protesters had no connection to any political party. The primary motivation for joining the protests was anti-authoritarianism. More than 90% cited various aspects of authoritarian politics as

 Öcalan too will be free, says senior PKK leader

Senior Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) leader Murat Karayılan said the peace process.

Turkey protests ‘must not derail peace process with Kurdish rebels’

Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair’s former chief-of-staff turned peace negotiator, issues call to guard against ‘tragedy’ of derailment

Mass demonstrations against the Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayip Erdoğan, should not be allowed to derail talks with Kurdish rebels, Britain’s roving peace negotiator, Jonathan Powell, has said.


If peace process succeeds, PKK will do legal politics, says BDP deputy

If the peace process is fulfilled and democratization is completed.

Taksim demos target Kurdish process, Turkish PM says

The protests aim at sabotaging a possible resolution of the Kurdish issue, PM Erdoğan said.

New phase of peace talks begin: BDP

The Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), which takes an active role in recent efforts to find a peaceful solution

Process to pick Parliament speaker begins

As the two-year mandate of the current Parliament Speaker Cemil Çiçek will terminate.


Kurdish issue can no longer wait

According to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the most important target.

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