The 24th Day in #OccupyTurkey. Citizens forums in several parks continue…Gov’t Threats over social media users increased…

Turkish Liberals Turn Their Backs on Erdogan

For an urban elite, including some protesters, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan?s response to demonstrations has led to a final break that began with his intimidation of the news media.

Assemblies emerging in Turkey: a lesson in democracy | ROAR

By Jerome Roos On June 19, 2013

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The protesters are starting to counter-pose their own direct democracy to the sham of a democracy proposed by Erdogan?s authoritarian neoliberal state.Something quite amazing is happening in Istanbul. In addition to the silent ?standing man? actions around the country, people?s assemblies are slowly starting to emerge in different neighborhoods across the city. As in Spain, Greece and the Occupy encampments before, the protesters in Turkey are starting to counter-pose their own form of direct democracy to the sham of a democracy proposed by Erdogan?s authoritarian neoliberal state. If there was ever any doubt, this shows how deeply intertwined the global struggles truly are

Irish minister slams Turkish broadcasters

Turkish news channels have received more criticism for not providing coverage of demonstrations
Young Gezi protester waits out the tear-gas in a Burger King

From the Occupy Gezi Pics tumblr: “A young girl in a Burger King restaurant on Sunday, after she managed to escape the tear gas outside. The caption reads: ‘Spring will come again. I promise you.'”

Turkish hacker group Redhack claims responsibility for all tweets about Gezi protests

Hacker group Redhack has claimed responsibility.
Turkey’s Opposition Grows Up
Daily Beast
That proved to be the case when the largest anti-government demonstrations to hit Turkey in recent memory erupted around the plan to redevelop Gezi Park, with protesters across the country comparing Erdogan with the Arab Spring?shaken dictators he’d
Turkish youth continue to inspire

Turkish youth are proving to be an international inspiration with their determination and creativity
Turkey is not another ?Arab spring?

Seattle Times (USA) June 18, 2013, p. A9 By Resat Kasaba * There are some similarities between what is going on in Turkey and the Arab revolutions that have changed the face of the Middle East in the last two years. Yet it would be wrong to think of the events in Turkey as another
Taksim : la Turquie polarisée

Libération (France) mardi 18 juin 2013, p. 20 Nora Seni * «Nous voulons faire beaucoup plus pour notre peuple mais nous sommes entravés par cette chose qu?ils ont inventée et qu?ils appellent la séparation des pouvoirs.» Ce sont là les propos de Recep Tayyip Erdogan, tenus voici quelques mois, à Konya, en Anatolie centrale, berceau
Turkey Yields Jump Most in 2 Weeks, Lira Drops on Erdogan Speech

Turkey?s bond yields rose the most in two weeks and the lira and stocks reversed gains as Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused opposition lawmakers of inciting protests and vowed to strengthen the police response.
Leaked doc shows USA has started an Internet War: Schneier

Bruce Schneier points out that the leaked top-secret list of electronic attack targets picked by the Obama administration is tantamount to a declaration of Internet War on foreign powers, and shows the US government planning attacks that make the much-vaunted Chinese attacks on the USA look tame by comparison.

Postcard From Turkey

The New York Times (USA) Wednesday, June 19, 2013, p. A 27 By Thomas L. Friedman, Istanbul Having witnessed the Egyptian uprising in Tahrir Square in Cairo in 2011, I was eager to compare it with the protests by Turkish youths here in Taksim Square in 2013. They are very different. The Egyptians wanted to

Gezi Park protests ?hit? Grand Bazaar?s stores

Istanbul?s Grand Bazaar, which is visited mostly by foreigners, is affected by the Gezi Park incidents as tourists are canceling their hotel reservations amid protests and police crackdowns
Turkish police to buy 100,000 gas bomb cartridges

The Turkish National Police will hold an unplanned tender for 100,000
Erdoğan’s fall from grace in Turkey is pure Shakespearean tragedy | Fiachra Gibbons

Turkey’s PM has become the personification of the corrupt despotism of the regime he was elected to sweep away

As the protests in Turkey continue, spare a thought for the man whose personal tragedy few have the grace to acknowledge ? Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Until three weeks ago Erdoğan was destined to go down as the greatest reformer in Turkish history alongside Ataturk and Suleiman the Magnificent, despite all the bullying and the backsliding of the past three years.

Turkey’s Perfect Storm

The spontaneous protests in Turkey, which began in Istanbul and have spread to over 70 Turkish cities, have raised serious questions about Turkey’s political stability and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s leadership, writes F. Stephen Larrabee.
Erdogan regime cows embattled media
Tehran Times
Sik, who teaches journalism as the private Istanbul Bilgi University, says that he can only advise his students to work in the profession once the media are given significantly more freedom. Of the 20 students who have completed his courses, 18 have

Every Park Become Gezi Park in Turkey

Gezi Parkers are now discussing the transformation of their movement, saying that ?PM did not kick us out of the park, he made everywhere a Gezi Park?.
Turkish actor Alabora?s mother speaks out after PM Erdoğan?s words

Famous Turkish actor Memet Ali Alabora?s mother, Betül Arım, also an actress, issued an open letter.
Gezi Park protests affect cash repatriation: Firms

The Gezi Park protests are affecting cash repatriation legislation that aims to lure back funds
Difficult times for all of us in the digital realm

As the Gezi protests grew bigger the government started looking for people to blame
‘Standing Man’ Finder: The Spread of Silent Protest in Turkey

On Monday night, beginning at 6 p.m., Turkish performance artist Erdem Gunduz walked to the middle of Istanbul’s Taksim Square, which was cleared of protesters on Sunday, and, facing Turkish flags and a portrait of the country’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, stood quietly. Within hours, his silent protest had gone viral — pictures of Gunduz proliferated across social media, memes like the #duranadam (Turkish for “standing man”) Twitter hashtag cropped up, and people across Turkey began imitating his understated protest (as a rule of thumb, never underestimate the power of a solitary protester). By 2 a.m., the crowd standing with Gunduz in Taksim Square had swelled to several hundred people. Police then dispersed the protesters, arresting several people.[[BREAK]]

Turkey Protesters Face Criminal Charges as Silent Vigils Spread

Turkish police sent 94 demonstrators to the prosecutor?s office to face charges of provoking violence during the recent unrest, as growing numbers adopted a silent form of protest inspired by the ?standing man.?

La Turquie doit se libérer de la dérive autoritaire des islamistes au pouvoir

Le Monde (France) mercredi 19 juin 2013, p. 19 Bayram Balci * La crise actuelle marque un point de rupture dans la vie politique de la Turquie républicaine. C?est la première fois dans l?histoire récente du pays qu?un tel mouvement de protestation parvient à défier un gouvernement démocratiquement élu à trois reprises consécutives. S?agit-il d?une
Après l?évacuation du parc Gezi d?Istanbul, la victoire en trompe l??il d?Erdogan

Agence France Presse, Lundi 17 juin 2013 Ankara En faisant le choix de la force pour mater les manifestants qui défiaient son autorité depuis la fin mai, le Premier ministre Recep Tayyip Erdogan sort vainqueur de la confrontation, mais il a pris un risque qui pourrait lui coûter cher politiquement, estiment les analystes. Depuis samedi
Turkey: ?Kneejerk Anti-Westernism? Could Complicate Ankara?s Foreign Policy

Copyright show:  No While much of the attention in the wake of the crackdown on the Gezi Park protests in Turkey has focused on its impact on domestic politics, experts are warning that recent events could have a deleterious effect on the country?s foreign policy. read more
Progressive Lawyers Association warns against unlawful detainments in Gezi Park operations

Istanbul Progressive Lawyers Association (ÇHD) secretary general Güray Dağ said there had been complete
Two members of Beşiktaş?s Çarşı supporter group arrested over Gezi protests

Two members of Beşiktaş?s notorious supporter club, known as Çarşı, were arrested by the court, bringing the total of those arrested during the Gezi protests to six.
Local, state residents weigh in on protests in Turkey

The conflict between protesters and government forces in Turkey has captured the attention of an international audience, including people in the Lowcountry and the rest of South Carolina with close ties to the republic.
Comparison of mass protests in Brazil and Turkey

Large-scale protests have engulfed Turkey and Brazil, which are thousands of miles apart, but share some traits such as being new democracies with a growing middle class. Here’s a look at the protests in both countries, highlighting the similarities and differences in how they started and developed:
Brazilians want to be treated as citizens | Conor Foley

The protests may be ambiguous, but they spring from a broadly felt dissatisfaction with the state of Brazil’s politics

Perhaps the most politically significant moment in the two weeks of popular protests that have shaken Brazil came at the opening ceremony for the Confederations Cup last Saturday. In Brasilia’s brand new football stadium, the crowd rose to their feet, turned their backs on the national team and loudly booed the president, Dilma Rousseff.

Turkey?s ?Standing Man? protester participated in Kennedy Center program

Performance artist Erdem Gunduz visited Washington and New York in 2007 for the arts education program.

Erdogan attacks ?traitors? over protests

Critics of Turkey?s prime minister say he is indulging in the tradition of conspiracy theories as he mounts rallies to prepare the way for local elections next year
Police release ?detained? Gezi Park piano

The detained piano of Davide Martello, who had played it to crowds at Taksim Square.
?Alternative media? new target of Gezi operation

Some reporters working for Özgür Radio, Etkin news agency and daily Atılım were detained.
Regulations on fight against cyber crimes, no restrictions on social media, Turkish minister says

There is no work on regulating social media but rather on fighting cyber crimes.
Young protester loses eye from rubber bullet, mother wants justice

One young man, who was shot with a rubber bullet during the police intervention in the.
‘Don’t confuse us with China,’ says ruling AKP spokesperson over draft bill on social media

The Turkish government will not implement bans on social media in a new draft on ‘crimes over the Internet,’ the ruling AKP spokesman has said.
Advice to Visit Turkey Cautiously

The recent anti-government protests in Turkey may have given some travelers pause about going to the country. But an author of ?Lonely Planet Turkey? said tourists need not worry.
Postcard From Turkey

The protesters in Istanbul have a message for Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Butt out!

Protests continue all night long in Central Anatolian province of Eskişehir

Nearly 5,000 protesters? all-night action ended with a police intervention with gas bombs and water cannons.

Erdogan Penalized at Bond Auction as Yields Surge: Turkey Credit

Turkey was forced to pay higher borrowing costs in the first auction of debt since anti- government protests began more than two weeks ago.

Istanbul journal: Three days of Erdogan

Daily Maverick

Photo: Anti-government protesters hold a Turkish flag which bears a portrait of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in central Istanbul June 15, 2013. Turkish riot police stormed an Istanbul park at the heart of two weeks of protest against Prime Minister Tayyip

Dozens held in Turkey, silent protester goes viral

By Daren Butler and Parisa Hafezi ISTANBUL/ANKARA (Reuters) – A lone, silent vigil by a man in Istanbul inspired copycat protests on Tuesday, as police detained dozens of people across Turkey in an operation linked to three weeks of often violent demonstrations against Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan. Overnight in Ankara, riot police used teargas and water cannon to disperse hundreds of people who .

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