The 22nd Day in #OccupyTurkey. Gov’t planning to legally restrict social media, around 50 early morning detainings…

update: Standing Men and Women in Taksim Square are also being detained at the moment….

Governement working on draft to restrict social media in Turkey

The Turkish government launched yesterday a study to restrict social media, an attempt that has been inspired.

Report: Dozens detained in police raids in Turkey

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) ? Turkish news reports say police are carrying out raids and detaining people suspected of involvement in violence against police during a wave of anti-government protests.
Turkish man inspires hundreds with silent vigil in Taksim Square

Duran Adam- Standing Man

Turkish man inspires hundreds with silent vigil in Taksim Square

Erdem Gunduz – dubbed ‘standing man’ by social media – stages eight-hour vigil and is joined by 300 people during silent protest

Later… standing men and women…

Duran Adam- Standing Man
Duran Adam- Standing Man

Turkish Official Says Army May Have to End Protests

The comments by the deputy prime minister, Bulent Arinc, followed days of intensifying street violence and signs of a broadening government crackdown.

Is Turkey ready to join the European Union?

A fragile economy and a wave of deadly protests have put its membership bid in jeopardy
After Turkey, Brazil Hit by Widespread Protests

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Brazil’s biggest cities, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and the capital Brasilia, on Monday evening to protest the rising cost of public transport, corruption and heavy-handed police tactics.
Turkey’s tourism industry safe… for now

Violent demonstrations, tear gas, Molotov cocktails and riot police. Probably not what you look for in a holiday destination.
Turkey Targets Social Media ?Provocateurs?

by Eric Sass

There?s a long and inglorious history of authoritarian governments targeting vaguely-defined ?provocateurs? for exercising their right to free speech. If someone has a complaint or disagrees with the government?s policies, you see, they are clearly out to make trouble and are probably either the paid agents or unwitting dupes of malevolent forces inside and outside the country.   It?s usual enough to hear this sort of nonsense from, say, North Korea or the former Soviet Union (other popular favorites from the Golden Cold War era were ?saboteurs,? ?wreckers,? and my personal favorite, ?capitalist running dogs?) ? or modern Russia for that matter. But it?s profoundly discouraging to hear it from the government of Turkey, a democracy which is however showing undeniable signs of creeping authoritarianism.

A standing woman who stands at the place where Ethem Özsülük was killed.

Five Turkish trade unions begin nationwide demonstrations with one-day strike

Five trade unions are set to begin today a nationwide demonstration campaign
Union of bar associations to appeal to Council of Europe over Gezi violence

The Union of Turkey?s Bar Associations (TBB) has decided to appeal to Secretary General
Turkish journalist association condemns police violence against press during Gezi protests

The Progressive Journalists Association (ÇGD) has declared that they condemn the police
Turkish minister warns workers of ?consequences of illegal strike?

Turkish Interior Minister Muammer Güler said the military had not been called to help.
Swoboda slams PM Erdoğan for his ?divisive rhetoric?

Hannes Swoboda, president of the Socialists and Democrats (S&D) in the European Parliament.
17 June 2013. 23:20. Abbasağa Park in Beşiktaş. Citizen assembly.
Turkish-German director urges Turkish President to stop the police violence

Renowned Turkish-German director Fatih Akın has appealed to the Turkish President about the excessive use
Merkel: Turkish response to protests ‘much too harsh’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday that she was shocked
She had to stand necessarily…
Police Force 1 ? Turkish Democracy 0

There have been symbolic moments reflecting the fundamental changes in the evolution of Turkey?s democracy..
How will Turkish protests influence the Kurdish problem?

The Taksim protests gained another, actually several other dimensions as they entered their fourth week.
Occupy Gezi inspires Brazilian activists:
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