The 20th Day in #OccupyTurkey. After police invernetion at Gezi Park, many citizens are back in Street. More pressure, arrests, and threats continue…

Turkish police hitting an headscarved protester. 16 June 2013.

Istanbul Police Terror! German TV ZDF 15.06.2013 English subtitles:

Arrested protesters…

Turkey: Erdoğan Evicts Protesters, Brings Reinforcements to Istanbul

After a night of wide-ranging violence in Istanbul, a role reversal occurred: Turkish security forces occupied Taksim Square and anti-government protesters were left on the outside looking in.

Police arresting a doctor…

In Turkey, a hydra’s head has been cut. But like the mythical creature, two more will grow from the old one.

Gezi park was destroyed last night, but Osman bay and the bridge were taken over by impromptu protesters (everyday citizens) who now had a focus against a sword that threaten their very lives. Gezi park stopped being in Taksim and had just become an ideal carried in each one us on the street.

Police adding pepper gas solution to water canons…

What do Turkey, Greece, Bosnia, Bulgaria and Brazil have in common? | ROAR

By Jerome Roos On June 15, 2013

Post image for What do Bosnia, Bulgaria and Brazil have in common?
Once again, it?s kicking off everywhere: from Turkey to Bosnia, Bulgaria and Brazil, the endless struggle for real democracy resonates around the globe.

Women on the front. Last night in İstiklal Street. 15 June 2013.

19:42 Odakule. İstiklal Street.

Turkey unrest: more clashes in Istanbul as Erdoğan holds rally

Police use teargas against protesters trying to enter Taksim Square as prime minister holds rally in different party of the city

Thousands of defiant protesters attempting to converge on central Istanbul’s Taksim Square on Sunday were kept away by police firing repeated rounds of teargas, as the government maintained a hard line against rekindled demonstrations.

Dolmabahçe. 18:30. Sol Haber Portalı

It Isn?t Over Till?

Updated: Worst violence yet. It appears the government is making a final brutal push against demonstrators and their supporters. It has commandeered municipal ferries and string them with AKP flags to bring its supporters into Istanbul for a big rally. Egemen Bağış, Turkey?s EU Minister, said last night that anyone who enters Taksim Square will be considered a member or a supporter of a terrorist organization.

18:10 Sıraselviler, Taksim. 16 June 2013

Turkey’s Erdogan issues sit-in deadline

Prime minister says that protesters should evacuate a central Istanbul square no later than Sunday.
More Violence Rips Turkey

Turkish riot police stormed an Istanbul park at the heart of two weeks of protest against the country’s prime minister.

Police occupying Istiklal Street, 16:26

Taksim square: riot police evict protesters in Istanbul – video

Riot police storm Istanbul’s Taksim square to evict hundreds of anti-government protesters, just hours after an ultimatum from prime minister Tayyip Erdogan

Police trying to arrest protesters, forces to enter in House Cafe, Nişantaşı. 18:20

Funeral of Ethem Sarısülük. His mother embracing coffin. by Banu Güven. Ankara.

Pangaltı, by @140Journos, 16:24

Some AKP followers on their way to AKP’s rally. 16.06.2013. Samatya, Istanbul.

Transporting AKP followers to KazlıÇeşme Rally…

Turkey’s PM misses the point as protesters unite to defend rights

After a fortnight of missteps, the prime minister grasps that the protests are harming his regime. But he has not recognised they are unlikely to end if he removes the freedom his people expect


Teşvikiye, 17:20.

Turkish police storm protest camp using teargas and rubber bullets

Hundreds of security forces move in with bulldozers during a concert for activists, leaving many wounded

Hundreds of riot police used teargas and water cannons to storm the protest camp at the centre of Turkey’s anti-government unrest, following a warning by Turkey’s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that protesters should quit Gezi Park or be removed by security forces.

Sıraselviler. Taksim. 03:30

Protesting Kurds finding solidarity in Gezi

Rowdy Istanbul demonstrations pull disparate groups together.
Turkey’s conservatives coalesce under Erdogan

The AK Party has united social conservatives and presided over a burgeoning economy, but also left the nation divided
This photo is from an earlier night…
Erdogan’s conservative shift draws fire

Turkey’s prime minister was once championed for implementing democratic reform, but critics accuse him of losing touch.
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