Video of How Lawyers arrested by police… #OccupyTurkey


Many injured as police enter Taksim Square to ‘clear banners’

Riot police entered Taksim Square, where Gezi Park protests are continuing, around 7.30 a.m

Protesters? platform calls for meeting at Gezi this evening

The Taksim Solidarity Platform, an initiative organized to prevent a development project in Istanbul?s Taksim Gezi Park
BDP and Turkish flags together:
Media preview

Anyone Remember Madımak and Maraş?

Announcing that they wished to clean the posters from Taksim Square and the Ataturk Cultural Center, the police raided the area again this morning, this time using rubber bullets fired point blank at protesters  (a Star reporter tweeted that he was shot in the chest by a policeman who looked him right in the eye and clearly saw his press insignia) as well as water cannon, clubs and tear gas. Ankara also has seen continual harsh treatment of protesters. Dozens of lawyers who were helping arrested protesters were themselves arrested and hauled off.


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A recent online poll conducted by Istanbul Bilgi University academics Esra Ercan Bilgic and Zehra Kafkasli among the occupiers of the Gezi Park revealed that only 56.2 percent of them cite cutting down of trees as one of the definite causes of the

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    • Yes! You are absolutely right. This is cleansing of the intellectuals. Of the independent, opposing justice. Like in all totalitarian regimes including Nazi and communist times .

  1. can someone translate what i see in this video? who are the arrested people and why are they arrested?

  2. Erdogan is the best president we ever had. He was bringing real democracie. The three guys in the picture are bozkurts. This is a turkish nazi party. They just use the protests to bring up there party. Don’t let them win. Do you remember that Erdogan made peace with the kurdish people and give them more rights ? Erdogan we stay behind you !


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