Erdoğan’s twisted PR act. Not with the leaders of the protest He intends to engage in dialogue… #OccupyTurkey

I hope foreign journalists will not be deceived with this tricky PR act….

Turkish Leader Agrees to Meet Protest Organizers

It was the first sign that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was willing to engage in a direct dialogue with the leaders of the protest.
Turkey’s prime minister to meet Gezi Park occupiers as protests begin to ebb

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will meet Istanbul protesters but deputy PM warns the government will no longer tolerate ‘illegal acts’

Data Show Why Twitter Is a Menace to Erdogan – Bloomberg #OccupyGezi –…

Echos of Chicago in Gezi

For the past week, I have been transfixed by the bravery, intelligence and humor of the 20, 30 and.
Erdoğan is determined to agitate

Rather than calming the environment and reassuring the 50 percent of the electorate which did not.
Turkey’s Y generation will solve the Kurdish problem

Everyone who is following the developments about Gezi Park, which went beyond objections
Twitter versus Prime Minister Erdoğan

Twitter has come up as the hero out of the massive Taksim protests in Turkey over the last 12 days.
Fear the younger siblings of those at Gezi

On June 8, 2013, a total of 1,127,000 of our children took the SBS exam. These children
Conspiracy theories about conspiracies on Turkey

Yes, this is about Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan?s suspicions about ?exterior forces? being.

Twitter lies deadlier than car bomb: Ruling party official

Social media, the supreme arsenal of the demonstrators at the Gezi Park protests, is now being
Turkish PM Erdoğan pledges to ?choke? speculators

Turkish PM Erdoğan vows to ?choke? financial market speculators, who are accused of making a lot money off ?the sweat of the people
Protests raise Turkey?s deficit risks: Moody?s

Anti-government protests in Turkey have heightened the country?s balance of payment risks.

Media preview

Turkish protesters embrace Erdoğan insult and start ‘capuling’ craze

Prime minister’s çapulcu jibe backfires after activists erect Capul tree, build Capulistan protest camp and coin an English verb

When demonstrators first took to the streets to protest against the Turkish prime minister he branded them çapulcu, or looters. The word also means marauders or bums.

But Recep Tayyip Erdoğan‘s attempt to demean his opponents has backfired. Protesters in Istanbul and other cities have embraced the word as their own, labelling themselves proudçapulcu and even coining an English verb, capuling.


Turkey unrest triggers concern for Games

By Karolos Grohmann BERLIN (Reuters) – Violent protests across several major Turkish cities since the end of May have raised concerns for the safety of the upcoming Mediterranean Games in the country’s coastal city of Mersin. In a letter obtained by Reuters and addressed to 2013 Mediterranean Games organizers, the International Committee of Mediterranean Games (ICMG) is asking for security .
Unrest in Turkey shows cracks in AKP’s vision | Yavuz Baydar

The economy is still growing, but concerns about religious interventions, political repression ? and above all the Kurdish peace process ? cloud Turkey’s horizons

Despite the astonishing, far-reaching changes that Turkey has undergone in recent years, clouds of anxiety are gathering over the country.

The apprehension has little to do with the economy. The negative energy emanating from Syria has a partial impact. The jitters in public sentiment stem essentially from increasingly pronounced links between politics and religion, interventions in lifestyles and the demands of various social groups going unheeded.

Taksim occupé ! Occupy-gezi

Sans aller jusqu’à imaginer l’ampleur que prendrait la contestation devenue mouvement de contestation contre l’autoritarisme du gouvernement AKP,  j’avais quand même  prédit dans mon précédent billet, que les flots de gaz lacrymoges n’allaient pas intimider    les amoureux des derniers arbres du quartier de Taksim. Au contraire.

An excursion through the partitions of Taksim Square


Taksim Meydanı. Partition Square. Although it has taken on potent new resonances in recent days, the name of Istanbul?s throbbing central plaza commemorates a now-forgotten history, the function of the site during the Ottoman period as a point of ?partition? and distribution of water lines from the north of the city to other districts. Already long the favored site of demonstrations in Istanbul, Taksim is now the scene of the largest anti-government protests in Turkish Republican history


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