#OccupyTurkey the 9th Day. More than 20 Twitter users in İzmir detained soon to be released.

Turkey Is Now Arresting Dozens for Using Twitter

Turkey Is Now Arresting Dozens for Using Twitter
Third person killed in Turkey protests

Ethem Sarısülük, a Turkish activist who was wounded in the head during Taksim Gezi Park clashes.
Twitter detainees in Turkey protests all ?young kids,? says opposition member

Twenty-nine people detained overnight in the Aegean province of İzmir are all ?young kids?
29 detained for tweets about Gezi protest in Turkey

Twenty-four people were detained overnight in İzmir for ?inciting riots and conducting…

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From Ankara

Turkey Says It’s Sorry About Beating Up All Those Protesters

Nobel laureate Pamuk supports Gezi Park protests in Turkey

Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk has published a written statement supporting the ongoing..
Turkey Says It’s Sorry About Beating Up All Those Protesters
Islamic scholar says all faiths and beliefs welcomed at Turkey protests

Islamic scholar İhsan Eliaçık has invited all Istanbul residents to join in a peaceful religious Miraç celebration.
Michael Rubin: The Roots of the Turkish Uprising
Wall Street Journal- India
Few believe the prime minister’s explanation that his newfound wealth?millions of dollars in property and a reputed eight Swiss bank accounts, according to U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks?is the result of wedding gifts received by his son.
Bilkent?s academics stand by Gezi protestors in Turkey

More than 100 academics from the Ankara-based Bilkent University have voiced their support for the Gezi Park protests.
Turkish President Gül?s approval on alcohol bill contingent on Constitution

Turkish President Abdullah Gül has indicated that he might not approve a controversial bill restricting alcohol use and sales..
From the CHP MP to Minister of Interior Affairs…
?Gezi Park events: Games of Legitimacy? by Dr. Didem Buhari-Gulmez

Dr Didem Buhari-Gulmez (co-editor of ChangingTurkey.com)

Turkey?s single-party government formed by the Justice and Development Party (JDP) is in power since 2002. Its success  according to many relies upon its claim to expand individual freedoms and reverse the Sevres syndrome, which refers to the establishment?s paranoia against foreign invasion and domestic threats ?such as ethnic and religious minorities and  political Islamists.


European Perceptions of Turkish Foreign Policy

Source: SETA From Abstract: As a staunch ally of NATO whose actions were easy to predict, Turkey did not attract much attention as a foreign policy actor until a decade ago. The increasing activism of Turkish foreign policy and the greater initiative taken by Turkish elites have raised interest in Europe.
RIGHTS > ‘Taksim is a site of struggle for ideological predominance’
Hurriyet Daily News
He previously taught at Istanbul Technical University. He has a weekly program called metropolitika on civil and local participations, on Açık Radyo (open radio). He worked as the director of Local Authorities Research Department at Istanbul Bilgi ..
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Turkey: deputy PM apologises for ‘excessive violence’ against protesters

Bulent Arinc says original crackdown was unjust and government is sensitive to demonstrators’ concerns

Turkey’s deputy prime minister has offered an apology in an effort to appease anti-government protesters across the country as hundreds of riot police deployed around the prime minister’s office in the capital for a fifth day.

Turkish protesters have long list of complaints
Yahoo!7 News
“Turkey is not in a situation to preach democracy because winning elections alone is not an indicator of the quality of democracy,” Ilter Turan, a professor at Istanbul’s private Bilgi University said. “Mr Erdogan does not accept any limitations to his
‘Taksim is a site of struggle for ideological predominance’
Hurriyet Daily News
He worked as the director of Local Authorities Research Department at Istanbul Bilgi University, and was the driving force behind various civil initiatives. Gümüş is also a writer for Architectural Review XXI, and his articles have been published in .
Taksim is not (yet) Tahrir

By James M. Dorsey, The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer, June 2, 2013

Almost a week of countrywide protests in Turkey have left an indelible mark on the country?s political landscape: broad discontent with the policies of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan?s policies and increasing haughtiness bubbled to the surface; militant soccer fans thousands of whom joined the Taksim Square protests united and were politicized; and the role police force plays in solidifying opposition groups and resolve was highlighted.

Why did Erdoğan Decide to Burn His Bridges?- Merve Sebnem Oruc

English translation of blog article posted on June 2, 2013
Translated by Emre Yıldız

While I was pondering on the tension ignited by the Gezi Parki issue, and trying to grasp its emergence, evolution and possible ramifications, I must admit that there was a point at which I started to think the Prime Minister was committing a deliberate political suicide. It took for a while to bring myself back to my senses and start exploring more reasonable causes behind his decision to ?Cross the Rubicon?. Two possibilities singled out; it was either the Prime Minister has lost his mind or he was following a planned roadmap. By now, I am pretty sure the first option is out of the question. After carefully listening Erdogan?s back-to-back statements, with which he gradually escalated the vehemence of his tone, I came to the conclusion that he has been implicitly sending messages to certain actors, messages that are too fierce that they can easily be interpreted as outright ultimatums.

Turkey, from Tahrir to Taksim

The public demonstrations in Turkey are a challenge to the social destruction and political regression being pushed through by an autocratic prime minister. This is a moment for change, says Kerem Oktem in Istanbul.

VIDEO: Inside Turkish protesters’ mini-town

Turkey’s Deputy PM Bulent Arinc has apologised to protesters injured in demonstrations opposing the demolition of an Istanbul park
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