#OccupyTurkey Accessing Twitter in Istanbul seems to be impossible at the moment. Here is another roundup:

But we do not know the reason yet…- UPDATE- it is back. it was a worldwide problem,it seems… Media watchdog warns Halk TV over humiliating PM Turkey?s media watchdog has issued a warning to Halk TV due to a video clip which it deemed to be… Anonymous Joins Istanbul Protests, Attacks Government Websites As clashes in Turkey … Read more

Video: “İstanbul/İzmir/Ankara Occupy Gezi-The Police Violence #OccupyTurkey

  İstanbul/İzmir/Ankara Occupy Gezi-The Police Violence For those who support the idea that the police is following the orders. Edit: From an inside source,we learned that the man who was attacked by a riot control vehicle at 3:23 is alive and his current state is fine.Great news. Follow on Twitter; twitter.com/TheSilverPopper

the 7th day. The President invited PM Erdoğan to calm down… One Trade Union decides for strike… #OccupyTurkey

Democracy is not just about elections, says Turkish President Democracy is not just about elections, Turkish President Abdullah Gül said today Turkish PM gets into row with Reuters reporter over Taksim protests Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan argued today with Reuters reporter Birsen Altaylı. Turkish protesters turn a mosque into a sickroom in Istanbul Protesters used a … Read more

Kesinti ve Sansür Durumunda Alternatif Erişim Yolları #DirenGeziParki #OccupyGezi

Kesinti ve Sansür Durumunda Alternatif Erişim Yolları Türkiye?de Internet kesintisi yapılması durumunda dış dünyaya erişmek için dial-up numaraları:   Tel. No: 0046850009990 User: telecomix Password: telecomix   Tel. No: 00492317299993 User: telecomix Password: telecomix   Tel. No: 004953160941030 User: telecomix Password: telecomix   Tel. No: 0033172890150 User: toto Password: toto   Tel. No: 0046708671911 User: toto Password: toto   Tel. No: 0031205350535 User: xs4all Password: xs4all         SMS ile Tweet   EMO bosluk mesaji yazip 4730?a kısa mesaj (SMS) atabilirsiniz. Buraya gönderdiğiniz mesajlar … Read more

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