Somethin’ happening in Turkey… Many citizens out all night protesting despite mainstream media blackout #OccupyTurkey

I haven’t expected such a long protest. This is the fourth day. It all started in Gezi Parkı, Taksim by some NGO activists. I don’t think much would happen if police would not intervene harshly. Now thousands awake protesting not only in Istanbul but even in other cities… Interesting… What I see is people are really frustrated with PM Erdoğan’s arrogant style and corrupt people around him that are profiting from continous and disturbing gentrification in Istanbul and elsewheres. AKP voters need not worry as they are so anxious that this is a conspiracy against their government. What I observe is that some citizens are really but really frustrated….

Tonight I was exposed to pepper gas. Not I was in an act of protest, I was just walking through. But when I was exposed to excessive use of pepper gas, I had some real difficulties including lack of sight temporarily and puking on the street. I don’t know where these policemen come from but they treat the protestors as enemies. They act with such rigor… Let’s see what will happen tomorrow…

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