Şakran Prison. A new Pozantı case? – EFD Rights Watch

Torture Allegations in Şakran Prison

Serdar Gültekin from Contemporary Lawyers Association (ÇHD) told bianet that children inmates in Şakran Prison were subjected to hone beatings, solitary confinement penalties in sound proof cells, while a prison staff member claimed that the facility had ?10 star? hotel comfort.

Torture, abuse reign in İzmir juvenile prison: Claim

Minor inmates of a juvenile prison in İzmir?s Aliağa district suffer from severe torture.


Jailed Journalists Report From CHP

CHP, Turkey?s main opposition party, completed a report on the situation of jailed journalists in Turkey, underlining that the number of jailed journalists (71) in 2013 is actually more than the number of jailed journalists (31) in 1980 – after the military coup on September 12.

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