Hell yeah! WordPress Is 10 Years Old

WordPress Is Now 10 Years Old

Ten years ago today, the first public release of WordPress became available. Initially started as a fork of the little-known blogging platform b2/Cafelog, WordPress has grown to be the largest CMS in the world, powering an astounding 18% of the web


WordPress is 10 years old today: Here?s how it?s changed the Web

WordPress, the blogging and content management system, is 10-years old today. The platform has evolved in the past decade from being a basic blogging service to something that has helped people and brands become more social and changed how we communicate on the Web.

A Day in the Life at reddit HQ

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

Hopefully you’ve got the day off today and have started wrapping up yesterday’s party.(We?re still scrubbing the blue paint off of our walls.) But before you slap those burgers on the grill for part two of your long weekend, we thought it?d be cool to offer a glimpse into the San Francisco reddit office. You know, so you can see where the magic happens. Anyone who?s been on reddit for more than three minutes can guess how we start our morning:


China steals new Australia spy agency blueprints: report

Chinese hackers have stolen top-secret blueprints to Australia’s new intelligence agency headquarters.

Europe probes Apple?s iPhone strategies, reports say

The European Commission is investigating whether Apple Inc is using anti-competitive iPhone sales

The Only Thing Amazon Has to Fear Is Amazon Itself

Amazon has reached a point in its evolution where the company is now surfing a feedback loop of dominance.

Marissa Mayer Is Bringing Back the Internet Portal. Here’s Why

Instead of refocusing Yahoo, Marissa Mayer is broadening the company. That’s odd, given that Yahoo was once considered a bloated, obsolete leviathan. But it turns out giant internet conglomerates still have some big advantages.

Hollywood Studios Want Google to Censor Dotcom?s MegaEvery week copyright holders send millions of DMCA takedown notices to Google, hoping to make pirated movies and music harder to find.

Unfortunately not all of these requests are correct. Because of the high number of often automated notices and the fact that copyright holders don?t check the validity of all requests, this results in questionable takedowns.

Google will ?likely? need to improve its proposals to reassure anti-competitive complaints, says EU

Regulators for the European Union hinted today that Google?s current proposals to fix ongoing anti-competitive behavior will need a radical overhaul before existing complaints are alleviated.

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