Cyberculture roundup: “Amazon employees stage second one-day strike in Germany, Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One…

Amazon employees stage second one-day strike in Germany over pay and working conditions

Amazon employees working at a distribution center in Leipzig, Germany are staging a second strike today over their wages and benefits packages.

HOW TO: Avoid Facebook Scams

Scams are all over Facebook. There are stories telling users that Facebook will end on a certain date, miracle diet pills,celebrity sex tapes, and other shady posts. With a little vigilance, though, users can make sure that they?re not continuing the chain. Miranda Perry, staff writer forScambook, spoke with AllFacebook about ways that people can make sure that they?re not giving away information to scammers or spamming their friends? News Feeds with malicious links.


Jonathan Donner on the mobile internet and its limitations

I?m on the train back from an excellent doctoral workshop and conference on mobile telephony in the developing world organised by Laura Stark and colleagues at the University of Jyväskylä (Finland) this 23-25 May 2013.

Obama’s trade reps and the MPAA are killing a copyright treaty that gives rights to disabled people

Jim Fruchterman, founder of the NGO Benetech, writes in frustration from the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, where the US Trade Representative is scuttling a treaty that will help blind people and people with other disabilities access copyrighted works, largely by making the (actually rather good) US laws the standard around the world.

Flagship phone shootout: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

It seems that 2013 is the year that handset manufacturers realized they had to step up their game. The contrasting situations of the two largest Android manufacturers is perhaps the most interesting part about their latest handsets. HTC ? at one of the company?s lowest points of all time ? released the One, their most refined handset to date as a move that could almost be described as desperation.

New Study on Media Use in the Middle East

Although Middle Eastern web users support the freedom to express opinions online, they also believe the Internet should be more tightly regulated. Respondents in countries that recently underwent revolution trust media less than those living in monarchies. Participants see an overall increase of quality in news reporting in the Arab world.

Social Media Tools to Optimize Your Daily Workflow

The average person spends considerable time on their preferred social networks ? Facebook and Twitter topping the list. Depending on the demographics, one can?t ignore Pinterest and Instagram. If, however, you are an online professional, the chances are thatyou handle many more social media platforms, and probably, you also handle more than one account for each.

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