RedHack statement after the arrest of soldiers over leaked documents. @RedHack_EN

Turkish Government tries to hide their responsibility for the bombings in Reyhanli by arresting innocent soldiers


Officer in custody over leaks on Reyhanlı attack

A gendarmerie officer suspected of leaking secret documents to a Turkish hacker group has been taken into custody, ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) spokesman Hüseyin Çelik has said as the prime minister called on the media to act in a sensitive manner in such issues.

?This is not an issue of hacking,? Çelik told reporters today in Ankara. ?A private from gendarmarie took photos of the documents with his mobile and sent them. This was made clearand he was detained,? he said. The case was a leaking, he confirmed.Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, meanwhile, said during a joint press meeting today with the EU President Herman van Rompuy in Ankara that giving the names of organizations would help their propaganda, warning the media. ?These issues are closely followed by the intelligence,? he said.

Some 51 people were killed in an attack in the Reyhanlı district of the southern province of Hatay on May 11. RedHack leaked some documents on May 22 belonging to the Gendarmerie Intelligence Department that claimed that an anti-government group in Syria with links to al-Qaeda was planning a car bomb attack that might occur in Turkey.

?The [documents] were not procured by hacking the Gendarmerie General Command?s website,? Interior Minister Muammer Güler said still in Ankara yesterday. ?It was determined that an identified officer at the provincial Gendarmerie command has taken a picture of these papers, which were due to be sent to the subordinate troops, and transmitted to the hackers via email. The investigation on the incident is continuing,? Güler said.

He also implied that the leaked documents were authentic. ?Some of the information mentioned referred to intelligence reports on attack preparations of certain terrorist groups. There are some parts related with Reyhanlı,? Güler said. He also added that the Turkish authorities were certain that the May 11 bombings were carried out by individuals linked with the Syrian intelligence agency, the Mukhabarat, as previously stated. ?We don?t have any doubt about who organized the Reyhanlı attack.?

Deputy PM Beşir Atalay confirmed that the Turkish officials already had information about al-Qaeda plans. ?These are private subjects of the security forces. We are so tuned into the determination of terror. Turkey previously performed very important operations against al-Qaeda. ? A group of people were detained in Hatay yesterday as a result of intelligence information,? Atalay told reporters speaking at the 38th International Human Rights Federation Congress held in Istanbul.

When Atalay was asked the reason for the Turkish security forces? failure to avoid the attack, he said the negligence claims were being investigated by the Prime Minister?s Office Supervisory Board.

Some 18 people have been detained in the Reyhanlı investigation so far, among which 12 were arrested, while six were released pending trials.

Suspect innocent, victim of witch hunt: RedHack

Meanwhile, the hacker group said the officer detained for allegedly leaking the documents was innocent. ?If that officer is the person that leaked us information, how is that we knew before them that a witch hunt was launched among the military that they would sacrifice ?innocent? officers?? the group said via Twitter.

Redhack had twitted hours before Çelik?s announcement that officials tried to put the blame on a ?poor soldier.?

Source: Hurriyet Daily News

RedHack Statement;

Turkish government is persistently telling lies to the people of Turkey. They clearly knew about the plans of Al-Qaeda to bomb Turkey. They clearly let this happen to use it in their own advantage in order to wage war on Syria with the backing of NATO and US. PM Erdogan was in USA shortly after the bombings. He chose to go to US instead of visiting Reyhanli. Sadly 51 innocent people lost their lives because of the hypocrisy of Prime Minister Erdogan and his government officials along with incompetent intelligence services failed to foil the attacks. Check

This government has always tried to cover up their crimes with avoiding direct responsibilities of their incompetence. They distract the minds by avoiding talking about the real issue. This is what they have done in this case as well by arresting innocent soldiers. They are innocent. Arrest of them doesn?t change the fact that Turkish government turned a blind eye to possibilities of stopping bombs that exploded in Reyhanli.

AKP spokesperson says ?This is not an issue of hacking?. We have never claimed it was a hack. He is learning the terms we guess.

These soldiers are currently being tortured and interrogated in city of Sivas. The arrests and detentions of these soldiers is the acceptance by the Turkish government that they were responsible to the Reyhanli bombings.

Arresting the real people who have exposed these documents doesn?t hide the truth about the dirty politics of AKP government that resulted in crime against it?s own people. This government have the bloods of 51 people killed in Reyhanli on their hands.

We will carry on our activities despite the scaremongering tactics of the government and soon or later people of Turkey will get rid of fascist regime that they have been suffering for long time.

Questions to ask to fascist Turkish state and the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government;

Although government knew about these bombs in advance including registration numbers of the vehicles used and other information, why it wasn?t stopped?

If those officers are the persons that leaked us information, how is that we knew before the government that a witch hunts was launched among the military that they would sacrifice ?innocent? officers?

Is it a crime to reveal the truths that you have been hiding from the public which resulted in civilian deaths?

By allowing this attack to take place doesn?t the Turkish Government commit a crime?

Prime Minister Erdogan says this issue of bombs in Reyhanli are investigated by intelligence services and media should wait until the results are published. If this is the case why has he blamed Syrian regime for the bombing on the first day? Why he didn?t wait until the investigations to be concluded?


Until Justice Prevails Hack Will Replace It!

Hacking For The People!

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